Neon Land

Where everything is possible.


Here in Neon Land, we speak English. The national food is spaghetti , bacon and Chinese food. Our national animal are dinosaurs. In here, every tree has wifi so everywhere you go, you get free wifi. The most popular sport is swimming and moonwalking. Most buildings in here has a swimming pool so it's not possible if someone had never been in a swimming pool before. Red-Nose Day , Christmas , April Fools and the special April 10th are the most festive holidays in here. Our country is famous for candy land and Disneyland. It's better than the original Disneyland cause there's more rides. We are also famous for the hunger games but instead of the weapons we use different kinds of water balloons. We have a portal that leads to a real life Minecraft which every kid enjoys. Neon Land also has a winter world for those people from all around the world that never experienced snow.


In Neon Land our clothing are comfortable clothes and other cute outfits. Our national anthem is We Can't Stop by Miley Cyrus, we listen to pop music and techno. The famous celebrities in here are One Direction & Miley Cyrus. The common pets are giraffes and panda's we keep them in our backyard.

Our National Anthem

We Can't Stop - Miley Cyrus lyrics


What kind of stuff does your country have that other countries want?

We have golden apples that taste so much better than a regular apple. We have chocolates that's sweeter than Belgium chocolates, and we have rainbow whales that can fly to other cities.

Where do people live?

Most people live in mansions, some people lives in castles. Kids have their own tree houses in their parent's backyard.

Describe a city.

Most of our cities are colourful and clean. We have some trees that grows in different colours and they glow in the dark, their also really soft. Part of our country has a land that's filled with these trees. Their called "Truffula".

Basic Information

Location & Maps

Neon Land is located in front of Los Angeles or beside United States. The bottom picture is a farther view.


Our land has Truffula tree's with clean streets and in every street they have mansions and castles.

The Flag , Population & Capital City.

This is our flag. Galaxy on the sides and a neon heart in the middle. The population of our country is 12Million People. Our capital city is Arendalla, it's the most cleanest and the most colourful city in the whole country.

Physical Characteristics

Most of our people has purple eyes or brown eyes, their usually creative and playful. They can be a little grumpy sometimes but their loud and positive.

Political Structure

Bernadeth Roma is the queen of Neon Land.



Weather & Temperature

Unique Plants & Animals


How are the relations between your country and Canada?

It's good. We give them golden apples and chocolate.

Which countries did you take qualities/traits from?

We take flying rainbow seals from Noodle Pandas.