Life As We Knew It

By: Jeremy Strohl

Plot Summary

The story begins with Miranda's life. She is a normal sixteen-year-old girl who attends high school and thinks about friends and boys. The story is told from her diary so it allows us to experience her private thoughts and feelings. Everyone at her school is excited about the asteroid that will hit the moon, but when it happens it is not the exciting event they all thought it would be. Instead, the asteroid knocks the moon closer to the earth, causing tsunamis, storms, volcanoes and earthquakes all over the world. Miranda's mother takes Miranda and her younger brother Jonny out of school to help her shop for supplies. They each take a cart at the supermarket and keep going back for more until their car is full. They buy canned food, dry food, medicine, water and other supplies. Miranda thinks her mother is a little crazy for buying so much, but they will later come to be very thankful for it. Later, Miranda's older brother Matt comes home from college. Matt and Jonny do most of the physical work while Miranda and mom do the house work. Later in the story, Ms. Nesbitt dies and this allows Miranda and her family to extend their supplies to get them through the harsh winter.


The main theme in this novel is to be grateful for what you have. This theme is shown in the novel because Miranda and her family make it through the harsh winter with very minimal supplies.


The setting in Life As We Knew It takes place in multiple places. The main place where this story takes place is Miranda's home. Many major events happen in their house, thus, making it the main setting.