Cougar Communication

August 21, 2020

Monday and Tuesday's Distribution Plan

We are so excited to see you as we begin this new school year. We will be distributing technology and many other supplies to all students on Monday and Tuesday next week.

Each student should have signed up for a 20 minute time slot (with a ten minute buffer following each meeting to allow for sanitation). By scheduling times this way, we can ensure a maximum of 25 students per 20-minute time slot to allow for proper safety and social distancing requirements to be followed. Please arrive as close as possible to your chosen time.

It is our hope that your student is able to accompany you to this event so they can meet their teacher and learn more about what to expect over the next few weeks.

While you are here, you can expect:

  • To meet your child(ren)’s teacher(s),

  • pick up tech,

  • pick up materials,

  • ensure that you see and can navigate their learning page,

  • learn about your student's daily schedule,

  • and get questions answered.

Important Logistical Information:

  • Each student will be able to meet with their teacher in the assigned location. (Please see map for classroom location and parking.) If your student’s homeroom teacher is located on the north side of the building please use the bus lane to park behind the building and enter through the north side gates. If your student’s homeroom teacher is located on the south side of the building please park in the car circle and enter the recess field gate.

  • There will be additional signage upon your arrival.

  • Please arrive with only one parent/guardian. In order to comply with health regulations and maintain social distancing, we ask that you limit the number of family members that come to the school with you that day.

  • Everyone on campus must wear a mask at all times. If students/parents arrive without a mask, they will not be permitted on campus.

  • Physical distancing requirements (6 feet between individuals) must be followed at all times.

  • Individuals showing signs or symptoms of illness (fever, cough, congestion, shortness of breath, etc.) may not be on campus. If you are experiencing any symptoms on your assigned day, please contact us for alternate options.

Although the kickoff to the school year looks different than we originally anticipated we are so excited to see our students and begin learning together.