Molly Breckman

How Castles Changed

When Castles were built hundreds of years ago they were very differnt from what they are today. In fact the whole idea a castles has changed!


When castles were first built the only had one purpose. It was for protection against other kingdoms. Castles were first made out of turf or chalk, mixed mud, or stone. It was often very dark inside a castle. There was also sometimes a moat, and dungeons in a castle. Sometimes there was also a big wall around the castle to, just to keep knights away!


Castles are now mostly homes for a royal family or they are museums. Even though they are not as popular as they were in the middle ages, they are sometimes built. But now it is considered more of a mansion, not a castle.

New castles and old castles are different in many ways, but one way they are similar is the design. A Lot of castles design is based of the medial times, but are built with bricks, and strong stone.

Now Castles are made for comfort, so most are a lot smaller.

Inside A Medieval Castle

Not A Place You Want To Live

Like I said before the old castles used to be made more for protection , not for a place to live. So it was a very cold and drafty inside.

The Great Hall

The great hall was by far the most important room in the whole castles. Most of the time it was a separate building!

The great hall is where people eat, at the front of the table sat the king, or the owner of the castles, and at the end sat the poorest people (even though they were rarely ever invented).

The great hall is the most expensive room in the castle, it had a high ceiling and a marble floor. Often after meals, the owner of the castle was found playing chess, or being entertained in the great hall.


In medial times the owner of a castle had the most comfortable room. It was often had a desk and a chair, a large bed, a small window, a bookcase, and a fire place.

When the owner of the castle went on vacation he brought his bed, desk, and all his books! Sometimes the room empty when they left!

The maids of the castle often slept in a room with a blanket cuddled near a fire place on the floor.

The knights slept in thin, small beds together in the same room.


In the kitchen you could often find cooks cooking the owners dinner (dinner was at ten o'clock!). They had basic kitchen tools we use today, like a knife, a spoon, pots and pans, and kettles.

Cooks were often serving hundreds, so they had different people for different jobs. For example bakers, butchers, milkmaids, and much, much more.

Castle vs. House


A castle and a house are very different, yet they are similar for many reasons.

For example, they both have been around since the middle ages, but houses were made out of mud and straw.

They don't grow out of nature (duh!) so you need to build them.

They also have the basics for a living space, like a bed, rooms. or room, door etc.


There is many differences to.

Castles are usually very big, so it takes a lot of money to build. Castles are usually for the upper class.

There are many different designs for houses because houses are more popular. You can find many different looking houses, even some wacky ones! But with castles there is only 10 or 11 designs.

Also castles can hold up to hundreds of people at a time! A small house holds much less then that.

Castles and houses are very different, but they share a lot of basic qualities.

I will tell you this, I could never afford a castle!

What Happens When People Leave A Castle

When People Are In A Castle

When people live in a castle, it is mostly not only the owners family, it is hundreds of people. From maids, to cooks, to cleaners, it is a never ending hustle to keep a castle in shape.

Castles are uselly very, very large, so it takes more then one person for one job. Sometimes a few people have the job to pick up horse poop (yuck!)

There are many odds and ends to keep a castle in tip top shape. A castle does clean inself, you know!

What Happens When People Leave A Castle

When people leave a castle on trips, there are uselly many people to take care of it. And it is like you never left.

In the Medival ages if you leave a castle, it means that you are under attaic. Often a castle is destroed after you leave it.

But if you leave a castle for another reason, a castle stays the way it is for a long time. Only collecting dust.

Sometimes if you leave it for a few years wild plants could grow, like evy, or wild flowers.

But if you leave it for many, many years it could start to breack apart. And could be nothing more then a stone wall.

Castle Are Going Extinct!

What Happend

Slowly, castles started to become extinct in the early 16th century when more powerful weapons were built, such as heavy cannons. They did so much damage, that most of the time they could not bring the castle back up.

Another way that castles became extinct is the government. When people took over another country, often they would find that the castle was a good location for there people, and build a village over it. (I know it sounds silly, but it happend more often then you would think). Or they would destroy it in battle, and there was not enough money to build it back up.


Now castles are seen as museums, or as old land marks. Though rarely ever homes, there are still thousands, and thousands of castles today. But it is a fraction of what it used to be.

One way you could help is to visit castles, show your support! It could help show that castles are wanted. Castles are a big part of history, it is cool to check out what it was like to be a castle owner back then.

Another way you could help is to donate to 'Save A Castle Toward' a organization that helps save castles in Argyll and Bute.