Elexas Lamb

Every thing happens for a reason !!!

Who I am

Interest : Cheer, Shopping, hanging out with friends

Skills : Cheer, Cooking, Dance

Values : Family, Friends , Church

Learning Style : Interpersonal (people smart) & Kinaethetic (body smart)

Self-esteem : I have a well-balance realistic sense of Self-esteem

Why should all of these things be considered when deciding on a career ??

They should be considered so you can see what you like and what your good at. Also to see what your skills are. If you dont love what your doing then why are you doing it ?? Don't do something you don't love. That's why you should consider these things when deciding a career.

"Where am I going"

My career as a Special Education teacher is in the Education and training cluster. I will work at a school and I would work during school hours. I will need a bachelors degree in order for me to work. The median salary is $49,129 annually. Something interesting about my career is that its really hard to become a special education teacher.

" How do I get there "

I would like to attend the University of Fort Smith. It's located in Fort Smith, Arkansas. I pick this collage because its close to home and thats where my sisters have gone to school. I will need a bachelars degreefor my career. The tuition at the Universtity of Fort Smith is $3,990 per year. This collage is in-state. Some scholarships I hope to get are like helping the comunity and stuff like that.