avoiding predators online


avoiding predators

people give strangers email adresses. adresses, and phone numbers. people will give their info away and predators can track you down. and hurt you. I think that you shouldn't give your info away.

. Don't give any of your info away. or ask a parent if its safe. Never fall for spin to win stuff that says you can win a computer or something. They can get your adress and know where you live for that. Just try to keep your info to your self. but ask a parent

about predators

predators will try to get you to give them your private information. Predators can do stuff to you. They can try to talk you into stuff online like on a game, or a website, or even on a phone. Try to avoid people that want your information. Ask a parent before giving anyone your info. Predators can get lots of information in just little amounts.

some tips

keeping kids safe

keeping kids safe is important. If someone asks for information. ask a parent before you do something. Their are lots of people out their. They can find out about you. If you give info or give phone number and stuff. Don't give any one info at all.