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Dear Parents and Guardians

Time flies, it is already the end of the year. We had a fantastic 2014 and we look forward to see what 2015 brings. This year, we had many events/incursion at Castle Grove Early Learning Centre where we had great parent support, this means huge to us and we appreciate all of it. The events/incursions supported children's learning and gave children excitement and changes to their routine. We look forward to seeing you next year and working with you collaboratively to provide the highest quality learning experience for children next year. CGELC staffs would like to wish you a wonderful holiday and happy new year!

Art Exhibition

We would like to extend a big thank you to all parents and guardians for their generous donation towards the Art Exhibition. Our Fundraising Art Exhibition has raised $1495. This was CGELC's first time holding an Art Exhibition, fortunately we have received countless positive feedback and raised a huge amount of money which was unexpected. The money raised was used to buy Christmas craft materials and playground equipment.

Important Dates

  • Saturday 13th December is 'The End of the Year Concert and Graduation'. It will be held at 'The Wrights Road Community Centre' from 10am. to 1pm.
  • Wednesday 24th December: Last day for 2014. Centre closes at 4pm.
  • Monday 5th January: Centre opens at 7.30am. for 2015.

Food for The End of the Year Concert

After the concert and the graduation ceremony, families and children will be having lunch together. Lunch is going to be served in a form of multicultural buffet, please bring a dish that represents your cultural to share. Thank you.


Diwali or Divali also known as Deepavali and the "festival of lights", is an ancient Hindu festival celebrated in autumn every year. The festival spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, and hope over despair. This year's Diwali in Castle Grove was colorful and happy! We made lots of Diwali crafts, had Diwali dress ups and we even had Miss Arthy and Nisha (Mahi's mummy) to talk to us about Diwali and making us beautiful Rangoli near the front door!

Second Hand Toy Donation

Many thanks to Letitia (Alyssa's mummy) for giving us Alyssa's old Cubby House and Water Table. Children enjoy playing in the Cubby House and the Water table is just perfect for summer!

Garden Update

Great big thanks to Mark (AJ and Elliot's daddy) for turning the space on the side of the centre into a vegetable garden. He was kind enough to volunteer to come on many Friday morning's to get this project done. Thank you so much for all your hard work, Mark!

Here's also another thank you to Letitia (Alyssa's mummy) for letting us have your two 'Vege Trucks' generously. The Vege Trucks give children a different gardening experience in growing and caring for vegetables.

The Vege Trucks are huge and heavy, we couldn't have transported them from Alyssa's house without the help of Mark (AJ and Elliot's daddy), Derek (Ciarna's daddy), Ally (Thaminha's daddy), Mark (Cristian's daddy). Big thank you to those wonderful daddys!

Learning about Dental Health

17th November to 28th November was our 'Dental Hygiene Week'. Children engaged in dental health discussions and craft activities to gain the knowledge how to keep their teeth strong and healthy. In the afternoon of Wednesady 20th November, Dr. David and Dr. Patty (David's parents) came to talk to us about Dental Hygiene. Dr. David is a dental surgeon, Dr. Patty is a dental hygienist, they brought us dental health learning resources and came to teach us how to keep our teeth strong and healthy. We first learned about how sweets can have bad impact on our teeth and how healthy food can make our teeth strong. Dr. David and Dr. Patty also used ‘David Bone’ (which is a skull) to demonstrate correct tooth brushing procedure. After we learned how to brush our teeth, we each had a go at brushing David Bone’s teeth with a traditional toothbrush and an electronic toothbrush.


Samir 1 December

Lavans 5 December

Monte 20 December

Anish 2 January

Kaidi 2 January

Caitlin 7 January

Kenan 11 January

Giovanni 24 January