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Monthly Newsletter

Welcome to the debut of the OLP Library Newsletter! We hope this will help keep everyone on campus updated on all things new in the Library. Here's the type of info that may be featured:

  • past & upcoming events
  • stats on library usage
  • spotlight on new resources
  • a featured Web 2.0 tool
  • whatever else might capture your fancy

A print version of the newsletter will be delivered to your box and a digital copy to your email. Thanks for checking it out!

Memorable Moments from March

Tech Tip: Digital Media Exit Card

This Tech Tip can be used with any discipline! Here's some fun ideas on how to analyze your students' learning with digital tools:

  1. Have students boil down the essence of a class in a Tweet. Or create a Twitter inspired board like this: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/83949980524752415/ (just make sure students are limited to 140 character "tweets").
  2. Students find/create a photo illustrating the key learning moment and then post it on a class Flickr or Instagram account.
  3. Challenge students to create a 6-second Vine video or 16-second MixBit video that summarizes the major elements covered in class.

This concept is from Matt Levison's Edutopia blog.

Hey YOU! Return Your Library Stuff!

Please make sure all of your library items are returned by May 22nd. It's critical that we have an accurate inventory and can replace any lost/damaged items before we come back from summer break. Thank you!

Also, May 5th will be the last day for students to check out books. This ensures we are able to track down books before school ends. If you know you have an assignment that requires students to check out materials after May 5th, please come speak to us in the Library.

Library Items Faculty Due Date

Thursday, May 22nd, 5pm

4860 Oregon St

San Diego, CA

Poetry Contest Fun

Online Databases Galore

Did you know that we've added over 20 new online databases to our collection? These databases are excellent for research in History, Science, Religion, English, Foreign Language, Music, Arts, Math, Computer Science and Health!

Wanna know which databases are best for your class/assignment? Email sdevore@aolp.org to set up a quick and easy tutorial.
Full List of Online Databases

Click the button above to locate the databases. Then go to the "Online Databases" tab. Note: You will need a San Diego Public Library card number for access. You can get one from the OLP Library.