By: Andrew Droz & Tracy Droz Tragos


This documentary "The Rich Hill" by Andrew Droz & Tracy Droz Tragos was to show us that as Americans not everybody Has Succeeded to achieve their dream goals due to financial, emotional and personal issues.

Documentary Purpose:

The purpose of "The Rich Hill" is to show how 3 normal boys have hard life because they live in poverty and other for other reasons . The Rich Hill is a small rural city in Bates county, Missouri. The main characters of this documentary are named Harley, Andrew and Appachey. This Film follow their dreams of getting out of poverty as they imagine a better future for themselves.

The film Makers did Achieve the purpose of this documentary

The filmmakers did a good job because they gave us a back story on all the boys and showed us how they're daily lives are like. The filmmakers also show us how their lives at home affect them out side and away from the family. They show us what poverty in america really looks like and how difficult it is to be at that point.


The way Rich Hill made e feel sad because not only can they not have enough for the absolute essentials just to live and survive life they tried everything they could to make it. As a viewer the impact i had was one of wanting to help them and not understanding why they can just go by everyday and deal with everybody looking and think that their nothing but trash. This film has not changed my mind about the issue of poverty because i have a very strong opinion that poverty is a terrible thing.