Meet Stella and Dot

Two great opportunity events this week!

Debbie Brosnan, Independent Star Stylist for Stella and Dot

Let's talk business and passion and flexibility and fabulous rewards!!!

Yep - that's my job:)

You are invited to join me and explore if becoming a Stella & Dot stylist might be JUST that thing to fit into your life this Fall. Some of you may have kids in school for the first time, others may have sent your kids off to college. Or you might just be looking for something for YOU.

Whatever the reason and whatever path brought you to Stella & Dot, I am here to tell you WE ARE HIRING! We are a BILLION $ Global Brand in the making....we are not there yet...but someday we will be. And this Fall we are poised for massive growth!! The line is the best we have ever had, our Holiday collection will feature a whole NEW category of product (can't spoil the surprise!), and our infrastructure has massively grown over the last year to service all of our holiday shoppers that come to us to delight their loved ones.

Why not see if joining in the fun is right for you???


Want more info.....come to one of the events!

Tuesday, September 10th 11am-1pm (Debbie Brosnan at Starbucks)

Sunday, September 15th 12pm-12:45pm (Company sponsored event in Newton)

We will answer questions and show you how our social-selling company creates flexible opportunities for women to be a successful entrepreneur. Whether you're seeking a part-time or full-time opportunity, our business model allows you to grow your business at your pace, and in your own way.

Not in the area....that's GREAT too! (I purposefully didn't want to leave out all of my customers across the country!) There are similar events happening all across North America in the next 2 weeks.
Or we can chat!!

You can also go to my website and check out LOTS of info on becoming a stylist - cost, commitment, how to get started, etc

Stella & Dot is much more than technology and fashion:

we are a people company inspired by and created for strong women-just like you.
Curious...let's talk! Your future self may REALLY thank you!


P.S. FREE jewels for referrals...maybe this email needs to be sent to a friend??

And if you just want free jewels, let's talk about getting some of your friends together to make that happen.

Meet Stella and Dot at Starbucks

Tuesday, Sep. 10th 2013 at 11am-1pm

84 Burlington Mall Road

Burlington, MA

I will be at Starbucks with some jewelry, caffeine and plenty of information to share with you about Stella and Dot and the amazing opportunity we offer. For more information, visit the event page on Eventbrite.

Meet Stella and Dot at the Newton Marriott

Sunday, Sep. 15th 2013 at 12-12:45pm

2345 Commonwealth Ave

Newton, MA

This is a great opportunity to meet a room full of Stella and Dot stylists and to hear from the best about what it means to be a stylist with this fantastic company. Come to this event and receive a free gift if you register to be my guest in advance at