Should Young Athletes Play Football

By: Simran Ghulldu


"Touchdown!" This is one of the many phrases used in football. Football is the most popular sport in the U.S, but people are starting to question whether it' safe for kids or not. There are many things that can go wrong, the most common being a concussion. A Scope Article by Jennifer Shotz says that one in three retired NFL players get a concussion related brain disease. I think that young athletes shouldn't play tackle football. There are too many things that can go wrong

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One reason kids shouldn’t play tackle football is because they can get concussions. For example, according to Orlando Orthopedic Center, "At least one player sustains a mild concussion in nearly every football game." That's a lot of concussions to have. Also, according to Scope, "Football has more concussions than any other sport." That includes soccer and hockey, which are both dangerous sports. Lastly, according to Scope, Paul Oliver, a professional football player, committed suicide because of a brain disease called CTE, which is caused by concussions. Almost every football player gets concussions, so that means they all have a chance of getting CTE, or another concussion related disease. That's a lot of people to get a disease, and it's all because they decided to play tackle football. Young athletes shouldn't play tackle football because there is to high of a chance to get a concussion.


Now you know why kids shouldn't play tackle football. One reason is that they can get concussions. Another is because they can have long-lasting injuries. Now ask yourself, should young athletes play tackle football?