Drug use in the Olympic Games

A female German skier sent home for doping

Types of P.E.D.'s used in sports

- stimulants

caffine, amphetamine and methamphetamine


ibuprofen, narcotics


anxiolytics, ethonal, cannabis, propranolol


-blood boosters


-masking drugs


History on P.E.D.'s

Performance enhancing drugs ( P.E.D. ) are used for many reasons. Some reasons are physical ( to kill pain or to in crease red blood cells and even to steady a shaking hand. ) and sometimes the reasons are mental ( to calm nerves or to give a confidence burst ( a physical burst usually joins ) . There are many reasons for a person to take them: personal gain, peer pressure, greed , doubt and even fright. Many people know its wrong but that does not matter to the people who basically trade their life for a better chance in a competition.


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