The Tundra

Olivia, Leilah, Jon K, Lorelei

Tundra Facts

The tundra is a dry and cold biome with little trees and animals such as polar bears, caribou, artic fox, snowy owl, and many more! The temperture on average is -30F in the winter and the area is northeastern Siberia. Some plants in this biome are the Bearberry, Artic Moss, Caribou Moss, Diamond Leaf Willow, Labarador Tea, Pasque flower, and the Trufed Satifrage. The summer there lasts from 6-10 weeks and there is months of winter, there is also barely any sunlight.

FuN FaCts

  • the tundra is the second deadliest biome
  • its the least inhabitied by humans
  • it has mostly no nights in summer
  • little hours of sunlight during winter
  • very little or no preciptation