Kindergarten Classroom News

Welcome Spring with our class

It is finally April!

We all wait for the time of the year when its not cold and its not to hot, the perfect weather to go outside to see the flowers and swing on the swings at the park. We will be encouraging that all children go outside to play in this beautiful weather this month. Lets hope for not a lot of rain.
Spring is Here Song

Spring Allergies

We all dread the nasty allergies and colds that come with the spring time. Here is an article all about spring allergies.

Snack Time!

Here is a easy/fun snack that is child friendly and is a great snack to make with the children. The link is attached.

Help your childs Gross Motor Development outdoors

Gross Motor (Large Muscle) is very important in your childs development. Outdoor play and rainy day play is good but here is an extra activity to enhance gross motor development that you can play at home. The Animal Walks activity help children work on their gross motor development by making them walk like animals.

Welcome Spring Party

Friday, April 22nd, 10:15-11:45am

Kindergarten Classroom

We will be holding the Welcome Spring party on 4/22/2016 at 10:15 am. We will have spring snacks, spring activities, fun videos on spring and will be taking a nature walk outdoors. If any parent would like to volunteer please let me know. We are asking that volunteers come in at 10 am and you will be out by 12 pm. No reason to bring anything but your fun attitudes.

Need to reach me?

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