Storm Thief

by Chris Wooding

Introduction and plot

Storm Thief is a story about two thieves named Rail and Moa that one day find a machine that changes their life. Rail is a brave person who was affected by a storm that put him in a respirator. Moa is a nice girl who's family have been murdered. Together they go on an adventure to save Orokos where they live from reverents and probability storms
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important characters, places, and objects

-Rail (a brave thief that was put in a respirator by a probability storm)

-Moa (a fellow thief that is best friends with Rail)

-probability storms (storms that could literally change space and time )

-reverents (kind of ghost that terrorizes Orokos )

-Orokos (the main nation that makes up the world that the story takes place in)

-protecorates (the law enforcement in Orokos)

-Bain (chief of the protecorates)

-Vago ( a golem that is a neutral character in the story)

-fain science ( futuristic science company )

important events

first rail and moa find the fain science machine. Then they found out that the machine makes it so they can walk through walls. After that they go on a heist that results in moa getting hit by a reverent and nearly dying. Then Rail and moa get caught by the protecorates. Last they go on a mission to save Orokos.

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