SHINEtastic Kids News

Weekly classroom news created by students


  • We are learning to make inferences to determine the meaning of words and to better understand the characters in the story.
  • Our focus is on the skill: compare and contrast
  • We will identify nonfiction text structure features
  • Vocabulary this week: identified, enterprising, persistence, and venture.
  • In grammar we are learning to identify and write compound sentences and use appropriate punctuation.
  • Reading and spelling assessments are every day 6.


  • Unit 2 highlights multiplication skills.
  • We will begin by exploring multiplication comparisons, multiply tens, hundred, and thousands, then estimate products.
  • As the we move through the unit learners will explore how to multiply using 2, 3, and 4 digits with regrouping, too. Much of our math will be embedded in multi-step word problems.
  • Learners will develop fact fluency through Rocket Facts. Each night Rocket Facts will come home. They're typically quick to practice, but each child may require additional support from a family member. The next day, they'll complete Rocket Facts at school to continue moving through levels.


  • We'll kick off STEM as we spark curiosity about Soil, Rocks, & Landforms!
  • After that we will move into Matter & Energy
  • The year will wrap up with Magnetism and Electricity
  • Student created videos depicting their learning will be shared here once we're set to do so!

Social Studies

  • After the first few weeks of school, learners will join Mrs. Dauphinet to learn all about New York State history every two days while her students join me for STEM.

Other News!

  • It was wonderful to meet you at open house! Thank you for attending if you were able to.
  • Thank you to Natalie and family for September snack!
  • Thank you to Logan and family for October snack!
  • Nathan Hall is signed up to donate snack for November.
  • On that note, please remember that these snacks are for when kids forget their snack at home. Please continue sending your child with a snack daily as we have a later lunch.
  • There is no school on October 8th and the 19th.
  • Our Halloween parade is on 10/31 at 1:20 pm
  • Please check here often for updates as they will be made whenever there is something new to share. I'll message through Class Dojo to notify you weekly.
  • Please contact me through email or through our Class Dojo messaging anytime.
  • Thank you for all you do to support your child at home. I am enjoying working with all learners, they are an outstanding group!

Our Daily Schedule

Day 1: Library 10:00-10:45

Day 2: Music 10:45-11:15

Day 3: PE 10:10-10:55

Day 4: Art 10:00-10:45

Day 5: Music 10:45-11:15

Day 6: PE 10:10-10:55

Lunch: 12:10-12:45


Band lessons are from 8:15-8:45 am

Day 1: Trombone

Day 2: Trumpet & Chorus

Day 3: Flute

Day 4: Baritone

Day 5: Saxophone

Day 6: Clarinet and Strings

Sign Ups For Snacks and Parties Below

Snack Donation Sign Up From Open House

If you would like to donate a snack for us to keep on hand for those who forget, but weren't able to, please feel free to send one in at any point and we will keep it on hand. If there's ever a surplus, we can always use it during a read-a-thon or special school day event.

October: Logan

November: Nathan

December: Lily

January: Madeline

February: Jonathon

March: Tylor

April: Aabid

May: Lily

June: Naji

Halloween Celebration

Candy: Madeline

Baked Good: Nathan

Healthy Snack: Collin

Juice Boxes or Pouches: Lily

Plates & Napkins: Alexxa

Winter Holiday Party

Candy: Madeline

Baked Good: Lily

Healthy Snack:


Juice Boxes or Pouches: Payton

Plates & Napkins: Sayumee

Valentine's Day Party

Candy: Sophie

Baked Good: Jonathon

Healthy Snack: Naji


Juice Boxes or Pouches: Collin

Plates & Napkins: Tylor

More About Our Classroom

Snacks: Please send your child with a nutritious snack daily and a water bottle. Students benefit from eating a healthy snack to fuel their energy to learn.

Gardner Road Folder: Students are required to bring their folder back and forth between school and home daily. Please check the folder daily for classwork and homework. Our grade typically sends home math review and each child should read a minimum of 20 minutes each day from a book of their choice.

Birthdays: Celebrating birthdays is always wonderful! Please let me know in advance for when you want to send in a birthday treat and include napkins for students. Currently we have 24 learners in our room!

Chorus: All fourth graders participate in chorus and there will be concerts in December and May. Chorus is facilitated by our music teacher, Mr. Hamilton. The concerts are always stellar!

Band and Orchestra: Every student has the opportunity to participate in band or orchestra lessons for 30 minutes once in a 6-day cycle. You'll receive information from Mr. Hamilton or Mrs. Matthews soon. If your child is interested in band or orchestra and hasn't signed up, please contact me.

First Activity: In the first week of school your child will have the opportunity to bring in a few items that tell about who they are and their interests during an activity called, "All About Me!" It's a great way for learners to connect and get to know one another. If your child is interested, they can gather items in advance. On 9/7, I'll send home this information along with a brown paper bag to store items.

Each year, we embark on a journey to develop self-confidence by identifying our strengths and interests along with what inspires us through Ignite Your S.H.I.N.E.®. The lessons foster self-awareness and the understanding that we are all uniquely different. Learners embrace each others differences and grasp how to honor their impact on others by uplifting and adding value to their peers. They will select random acts of kindness to brighten someone's day and encourage others to join the movement! Together, we'll discover how to be productive through goal setting to navigate and be the most exceptional version of ourselves!

S.H.I.N.E. is an acronym that breaks down to:






Watch the video below to learn from last year's students, Emelia and Lily!

Welcome! (Beginning of the Year Message)

Dear Families,

Welcome to fourth grade! My name is Mrs. Bostwick, and I will be your child’s teacher. I’m very excited to collaborate with you and work with your child this school year. I’m entering my 14th year in education and each year I’m eager to get to know my new team of students and support them in their learning journey.

Fourth grade is an incredible year that’s filled with many adventures in learning. I am confident that all learners and their families will enjoy coming to school and participating in activities. I look forward to getting to know each of my students and their families. As a parent myself, I realize that teaching your child is a tremendous responsibility and I assure you they will be provided with a safe, nurturing, and enriching learning experience.

In my classroom, I take a hands-on approach to learning. Students will be provided with a flexible learning environment that inspires creativity and innovative thinking. Students will collaborate to solve problems and engage in discussions around relevant topics to gain a deeper understanding.

The parent-teacher relationship is a vital component for maximum academic success for your child. Hearing input from you on anything you’re interested in sharing with me about your child to ensure they receive all of the support, and appropriate challenge that will enable them to reach their fullest potential as a fourth grader is always appreciated. Throughout the year I will communicate through our online newsletter, and Class Dojo, in addition to our open house and parent/student/teacher conferences. Once our Class Dojo is set up, you'll receive information to join. Each week I'll be sending a link to our newsletter with updated information. Be on the lookout because after we adjust to the new year, students are the creators of the newsletter through videos and pictures. It's a lot of fun, and I can't wait to get started!

I encourage you to contact me if you have any questions or concerns at any time.


Mrs. Elisabeth Bostwick