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Weekly classroom news created by students


  • We're focusing on the skill of showing not telling in our narrative writing unit. Students are writing with vivid description, I'm amazed by their effort!
  • Students are identifying main idea and details that support the main idea.
  • The main idea is the most important point an author makes, or what a selection is mostly about. To determine the main idea, students examine the details by asking what the sentences in a text tell about or describe. Then they decide what these details have in common, or how they're connected. Determining the main idea can help students summarize what they have read. Summarizing helps students to comprehend and clarify reading.
  • Vocab words this week: similar, challenges, designed, achieved, and varied
  • In grammar we are exploring irregular plural nouns.


  • During math, we are exploring factors and divisibility of numbers.
  • Our mid-chapter checkpoint (quiz) will be on Thursday December 21st.
  • Please check here daily for updates and use this as a resource to support your child.


  • Students are exploring creating different kinds of circuits and also using Little Bits to learn how circuits can vary. This week we're investigating what causes one light bulb to shine brighter than the other, and if we can create the conditions for both to shine even brighter.

Social Studies

  • In social studies students are learning about landforms in New York. Students are also identifying the rivers in NYS.

Monthly Character Trait for Gardner Road: Citizenship

Other News!

Our holiday party is on Friday, December 22nd! Please also remember to send in a book for a child that is wrapped. Books are due in the classroom on the 20th. Boys are to label their book: To boy, From_______. Girls are to label their books: To girl, From______. This is a really fun activity and students always love it!

Families who signed up to bring in goodies:

Candy: Jordyn

Baked good: Lily

Healthy snack: Makayla

Juice boxes or pouches: Grace

Paper plates and napkins: Quintin

*If anyone else has something they really want to send in, please feel free! I know many of you have contacted me to offer. Thank you so much for all of your contributions!

  • Winter break is from December 23rd-January 1st.
  • Thank you to Daniel and Andrea for sending in snacks for peers who forget them.
  • Bulk snack for January will be provided by Lily. Thank you in advance!
  • Please contact me through email or through our Class Dojo messaging anytime.
  • Thank you SO much for all of your support. Children in here truly S.H.I.N.E. thanks to all of the encouragement from amazing family members!

Daily Schedule

Day 1: Library 9:50-10:30

Day 2: PE 9:40-10:25

Day 3: Music 9:50-10:20

Day 4: Art 9:50-10:35

Day 5: PE 9:40-10:25

Day 6: Music 9:50-10:20


Day 1: Trombone

Day 2: Trumpet & Chorus

Day 3: Flute

Day 4: Baritone

Day 5: Saxophone

Day 6: Clarinet and Strings