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  • Text Structure
  • Figurative Language
  • Close reading strategies
  • Continuing persuasive writing

VIDEO is in the editing process!


We are exploring geometry in math and learning how it applies to our daily life! Check out our video below for a brief overview of our learning. Our video was created using WeVideo.


Matter and Energy Investigation 1- Types of energy and How it is stored and transferred

Throughout the month of February, we will be participating in a really exciting STEM challenge with two classrooms of learners from New Mexico! Through this experience we are learning about Mars, NASA, rovers, and how NASA landed rovers onto Mars. We will be creating prototypes to replicate this process using eggs as the "rover." Students will use materials to protect their egg from breaking as they land. We'll be exploring force, shock absorbers, and impact. We will be sharing our prototypes with the learners from New Mexico for feedback and also providing feedback to them on their designs. Trials will be held near the end of February. Following trials, learners will prepare conclusions and reflections on the process and their design. All final designs will be shared with an authentic audience on PBS Kids! Trials will be posted on our class YouTube page.

Social Studies

  • With Mrs. Dauphinet, we are identifying the cause of the American Revolution.

Monthly Character Trait for Gardner Road: Responsibility

Other News!

  • Thank you Quintin and family for February snack!
  • March snack will be provided by Jack.
  • Please contact me through email or through our Class Dojo messaging anytime.
  • Thank you SO much for all of your support. Children in here truly S.H.I.N.E. thanks to all of the encouragement from amazing family members!

UPDATED Schedule Due To Swim Unit February 28th through May 1st

Day 1: PE 9:40-10:55 (swimming)

Day 2: Library 10:35-11:15

Day 3: Music 9:50-10:20

Day 4: PE 9:35-10:30 (swimming)

Day 5: Art 10:35-11:20

Day 6: Music 9:50-10:20

Daily Schedule

Day 1: Library 9:50-10:30

Day 2: PE 9:40-10:25

Day 3: Music 9:50-10:20

Day 4: Art 9:50-10:35

Day 5: PE 9:40-10:25

Day 6: Music 9:50-10:20


Day 1: Trombone

Day 2: Trumpet & Chorus

Day 3: Flute

Day 4: Baritone

Day 5: Saxophone

Day 6: Clarinet and Strings