To Kill a Mockingbird


growing up

In the being of the book scout only thou a bout here self. she only would hang out with her brothers and his friends. she does not wan to were dress. she don't wan to grow up. In the middle of the book some talk bad a bout her dad and she sand up to that person. At the end of the book her and her brother were walking home wan a man tried to kill them and she ware trying to help and find her brother.


They wan and touche the Radley house. wan one of the kids parents ask there there pans want they sad that he lost them by plaing cards. the middle of book Dill com back and they did not tall any older people that he had rand way. They want to the trails. they walked home a lone after the school Halloween.

The Mockingbird

They say the word in the book 4 times. In the being Adice sad that its a sine to kill a mockingbird That the end of the book there is a mockingbird in the tree.