Mama's Day Mayhem!

Jamberry Nails Sale!

Mama Mayhem!

Ladies! This Weekend I am offering some GREAT sales! All Buy 3 get one Free online sales will get a FREE Half Sheet & Mini Mani Kit, And if you would like to buy from my inventory, I am selling all sheets (in my album!) $15 with FREE SHIPPING, & Jamberry Sample Kit!

What is Hot With Jamberry Right Now?

Memorial Day Kit!

I have created the Ultimate Kit to get ready for summer fun this Memorial Day! Kit includes, sexy red envelope handbag, one Jam sheet of your choice from my inventory, Jamberry Nail File, Cuticle pusher & Nail Clippers, Mini Mani/Pedi Set, Rice Bag (Not pictured) & Jam Samples! All for $30, Including Shipping! Message me for orders!

How Do I Order?

Do Your Shopping Online ( ), and Click to Check Out! Make sure Courtney Merner is Listed as your consultant, and underneath that, be sure to check "Mamas Day" under Parties! Then simply complete your checkout, and the order will be processed right away!

Jamberry Wraps Are Buy 3 Get 1 Free!

Wait, What Are Jamberry Nail Wraps?

It is the newest way to accessorize your fingers & toes! Get your own unique manicure done without the cost, and say good bye to chipping and fading nail polish! Celebrities are already wearing Jamberrys and have the hottest designs in the fashion world. The nail treatment can be applied in just 15 minutes at home, and with over 200 styles available there are endless possibilities! There are 2-4 Manicures on every sheet, and each sheet only costing $15 (thats basicly a manicure for $5!) . Wraps are created to last 2-3 weeks on Fingers, and 4-6 Weeks on Toes!

Party Will Remain Open Until Sunday Night, May 12th!

Courtney Merner

Independent Jamberry Consultant