Lisa's Lucky Ladies

April 2013 Newsletter

Monthly Sales & Recognition

April was an exciting month for us! The Ready, Set, Sell incentive motivated many of us! The new Summer catalog was revealed and we saw some upgrades to company incentives.

I am anxious to start selling out of the NEW Summer catalog! Vacations, trips to the beach and pool, and sports are all great reasons to use Thirty-One in routine.

Please see the stats below and know that I am very proud of each and everyone one of you AWESOME ladies!

Look Who Sold Over $3,000 in April:

Lisa Palacios $3074

Look Who Sold Over $1,000 in April:
Nichelle Davis $1296

Nikkol Camarillo $1259

Jade Burns $1078

Look Who Sold Between $500 - $999 in April:

Amy Allen $514

Total Sales for Our Entire Downline = $11,023
Total Sales for Our GO Team = $7,221 with 5 ordering consultants

Ready, Set, Sell Earners

$1000 Kit

Jade Burns

Nikkol Camarillo

Nichelle Davis

Lisa Palacios

$500 Kit

Amy Allen

Special Achievements
Jade Burns qualified as a Consultant!

Jade Burns earned her second level of StartSwell
Nichelle Davis earned the Silver Level for Conference Bucks
Lisa Palacios earned the Silver Level for Conference Bucks

Who's Going to Conference?
Nikkol Camarillo
Nichelle Davis
Lisa Palacios

If I missed your name, please let me know.

New Team Members

The new Summer kit gave us all a push to share the opportunity of Thirty-One with others. And the new on-add kit really helped some make the plunge! We have grown so much as team in a few short months! We shared Thirty-One with 15 ladies. You never know who needs a little extra income or a new way to meet others. GREAT WORK! Please welcome our newest members!

We added 15 total recruits to our downline! AMAZING!!!!!!!

Amy Allen added Rebecca Zepeda of Houston, TX

Lisa Palacios added Rachel Stoneman of Benton, LA

Lisa Palacios added Tania Bush of Houston, TX

Nikkol Camarillo added Janet Redfern of Austin, TX

Jackie Fournier added Brian Fourner of Wimberly, TX

Nikkol Camarillo added Shanisty Villanueva of Round Rock, TX

Lisa Palacios added Veronica Pena-Laijas of Kingwood, TX

Nichelle Davis added Kathryn Philips of Houston, TX

Nichelle Davis added Anabel Ramirez of Pearland, TX

Veronica Pena-Laijas added Dominique Vega of Pasadena, TX

Lisa Palacios added Naomi Lines of Deer Park, TX

Lisa Palacios added Teresa Franco of Houston, TX

Lisa Palacios added Tara Jochim of Houston, TX

Heather Tyson added Tani Zapata of Humble, TX

Heather Tyson added Karen Tarpley of Dickinson, TX

News You Need to Know

Monthly Incentives

(Changes Effective April 2)
I wanted to provide an opportunity to reward you for your hard work as well as give you tools to help grow your business. We might have different ‘Why’s for joining this team so I have tried to give everyone a chance to earn a monthly incentive. No matter how Thirty-One fits into your life, I hope you find an incentive to be a goal for you each month. I might have to tweak this as we go along but it’s a trial and error experience. These are not awarded or provided by Thirty-One and only available to the Consultants or Sr. Consultants on my GO team. {Prizes subject to change}

Monthly Incentives:

  • First Show Submitted in the Month (1): $10 Gift Card for Personal Use
  • Highest Show Average: $10 Gift Card for Personal Use
  • Highest # of Shows: Thirty-One Logo Product (Value $15 or less)
  • Highest Sales for the Month (Min. $500): Pack of Full Sized Catalogs (25)

Other Incentives:

  • Kick Start Award (2): Pack of Mini Catalogs (40)
  • Kilo Club (3): Consultant Supply Prize
  • Future Director Award (4): $15 in free product
  • Earn Sr. Consultant: $30 in free product

What does that mean?

  1. Submitted by the 5th of the month. If two people submit on the same day, the person with the higher show total will win.
  2. If you are inactive and submit a qualifying party to reactivate
  3. For every $1,000 show you submit
  4. For each qualifying recruit

Keep in Touch!

I will be touching base with on a regular basis to see if you need help growing your business and how to best help you. I will also ask how your calendar looks for the month for parties and events. This is not designed to pressure you in any way -- just gives me a idea on if we will meet our target. Ideally, you can send me a text, email, Facebook message, or call me to let me know how you are doing. I would love to hear your progress and help in any way I can. Want to stay in the know? Click on the Facebook group above to join our team page!

Every member of this team is needed! Whether your Thirty-One endeavor is a hobby, part-time job or full-time job, your efforts count!

Here is a challenge to motivate you to keep in touch with me!

Email me the dates for the following events you have scheduled:

  • Home parties
  • Vendor events
  • Catalog shows (Date Range)
  • Online parties (Date Range)
  • Fundraisers (Date Range)

How to earn tickets:

  • 4 tickets for each event & date sent to me by the 1st of the month
  • 2 tickets for each event & date sent to me by the 10th of the month
  • 1 ticket for each event & date sent after the 10th of the month
  • 6 tickets for each event & date that results in a submitted qualifying party

At the end of every month, I will hold a drawing for a prize. Ok, ok, what do you win, right? : ) Prizes will vary but will be a $10 value in consultant supplies, Thirty-One products or a gift card for personal use.