Junior High Math Updates

December 2014

New STAAR Date for 8th Grade Math

In case you haven't heard, 8th Grade (and 5th Grade) Math STAAR tests have been moved to April 20 for this year. Because SSI has been suspended this year, this only makes sense. This means, I am working on an adjusted YAG for the rest of the year. I will send a copy to you once it is complete.

Update from TEA

Project Share Math Gateway Resources

TEA has provided the attached spreadsheet with resources on Project Share to support mathematics instruction. Some resources under Algebra can be used for 7th/8th grades.


We met with the Junior High Principals in November to determine dates and other details for the checkpoints. Math checkpoints will be given on Wednesday, January 14th. This includes 7th grade, Pre-Algebra, 8th grade, and Algebra.

The 7th grade, 8th grade, and Pre-Algebra checkpoints are 28 questions based on SEs that have been taught during the first semester. There will be 2-3 questions per readiness standard and 1 question for most of the supporting standards. The questions have not been pulled from CSCOPE questions (Note: the Pre-Algebra checkpoint is different from the 7th grade checkpoint). Algebra will be giving the same checkpoint as the high schools. The Algebra checkpoint will be 36 questions pulled from the 2014 released EOC based on SEs that were taught in the first semester. The checkpoints should be completed in two hours.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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