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Friday, September 13, 2019

What Success (and Learning) Really Looks Like

I’m a fan of Twitter (@BenMacumber) if you wish to take a look. I can’t say it’s 100% school related but I do find a lot of great information regarding all sorts of topics, especially education. I found What Success (and Learning) Really Looks Like. I understand the key word in the title being REALLY because it seems few topics of discussion like education bring such a variety of perspectives and opinions. We all can relate so we all have an opinion. Many people who aren’t in education might have to rely on their own past experiences regarding schools and learning. Some of us in education for years have strong opinions and for those who are just starting out, have even a different perspective. But in all honesty, it really doesn't’ matter what we think, learning is what it is. It’s complicated and simple. It’s fraught with complexities that are ever changing. One of learnings’ key components is failure. Learning (and teaching) will never be a lock-step process. Politicians throw out quotes that are hard to argue with, “Every kid should know how to read!” “100% of students should be at least 40%”. “Teachers should be paid based on student performance.” What all those pundits DON’T take into consideration, is that students aren’t robots (the same can be said of teachers too!). They don’t come in with the same experiences. And so if we can agree students aren’t all the same, teachers aren’t all the same, schools aren’t all the same, then why assume learning should be all the same? Thank goodness this district works diligently to offer support for great teaching so we can differentiate for the learner. I think this visual from the article sums it up best (and it’s only a two minute read if you have time).

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I’m not anti establishment and I do appreciate what our political leaders do for our society. I just wish more of them would watch videos like this one, see students learning, and TALK to the teachers who are doing the work. In my perfect world, I don’t want to pay the teachers who see learning like it’s shown on the left. I want to pay more to the teachers who appreciate and plan for the learning on the right. I am proud to say I get to work with those types of teachers every single day.

Click here to read the full article (it’s short). It also has an awesome video of a kid charting his progress on a Rube Goldberg Machine he’s working on. Here's the link to the video.

Have a great weekend.

Ben Macumber, Principal

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