Teenage Pregnancy Counseling Group

Education for expectant teen mothers

Teen pregnancy and parenting skills while in school

This group is intended to educate expecting teen mothers on the basic skills needed to raise a child, as well as ways to deal with the stress of being a parent and face academic obstacles that may arise.

Size: This is a small group format consisting of 8 expecting mothers or less.

Time: Each session of this group will last 40 - 50 minutes.

Number of sessions: The group will consist of a pre-group session and six regular sessions.

Stay Teen Website http://stayteen.org/teen-pregnancy

Counseling Sessions

Pre-Group Meeting - Introductions, Confidentiality, Expectations, Identify topics that will be covered, Pre-test, Sharing time.

Session One: Identifying Resources

Session Two: Pre-Natal Care

Session Three: Basic Child Care

Session Four: Child Development

Session Five: Staying In School

Session Six: Final session, Share time, Post-test, Goals, Overview of what they have learned.

Teenage Pregnancy Counseling Specialists

We provide a positive group approach in educating expecting teenagers. We will equip you with the basic skills in becoming a parent while going to school.