Constitution Convention

By: Enrique, and Colton

Leaders of convention

In the spring of 1787 55 delegates traveled to Philadelphia. The delegates came from every state except Rhode Island. They met to discuss how they could change the Articles of Confederation. the meeting is known as the Constitutional Convention. The delegates were landowners , business people, and lawyers. About 20 of them were slave-owners about 30 of them had fought in the revolutionary war against Britain.

Goals of Convention

The delegates knew that the articles of confederation had to change. As one said, " If we do not establish a good government ...we must either go to ruin, or have the work to do over again."


Another problem delegates discussed about was slavery. Counting enslaved people would have given their states more representatives in congress. They thought it would be a good idea to stop bringing slaves into the U.S.A. In the southern states of the U.S.A would not accept a new government unless the slave trading continues.

Creating a new government

The convention began on May 25, at the start of summer. The delegates elected George Washington as the president of the convention. They also agreed to keep their debates secret. This allowed them to talk openly with each other with out being influenced by people who were not of the convention. Edmund Randolph described Madison's plan for the new government. This plan known as the Virginia plan, called for a federal system in which the national government had three parts, or branches. Another branch would carry out the laws. Yet another branch, the courts, would settle legal arguments.

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