Fifth Grade Updates

April 6, 2016

Rice Middle School PE Uniforms

Rice Middle School will be leaving samples of the PE Uniforms for sixth grade in the front office from April 18 through April 29. Please find a time before or after school to stop by the office and have your child try them on. The purpose of this is for you to be able to choose the proper size for your child when it is time to order. If you already know what size you plan to order, you do not need to stop by the office. Thank you!

Fifth Grade Celebration Slideshow (Graduation)

At our Fifth Grade Celebration on May 31 at 6:00 p.m., we will include in the program a slideshow of all our wonderful fifth graders. Our fabulous new nurse, Ms. Cheri Casanova, has volunteered to create the slideshow for us. We need you to email her one baby picture of your child and one fifth grade picture of your child. The baby picture could be from any age before your child started school. The pictures do not need to be professional. When you send the email, please use the subject: Slideshow - Your Child's Full Name. This way we can check off each child from our list once we have their pictures. We appreciate your help! This is always a very special part of our graduation ceremony. Her email is

Fifth Grade End of Year Scrapbooks

One of the Language Arts projects that fifth graders complete at the end of the year is called "All About Me." Students create a scrapbook about their year in fifth grade. We include pictures, writing samples, projects, and other special memories. We will be starting our All About Me book on April 25th.

We need your help to make these keepsakes special. Your child will need to bring supplies from home. These supplies can be something you have around the house or you can buy them from Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Wal-Mart, etc. All of their materials need to come to school in a gallon zip lock bag with their name written big on it. This bag is where they will keep all their materials while they are working on this project. Please consider printing all your pictures ahead of time so that your child will have them when the time comes to begin.

List of Possible Materials:

Scrapbook Paper


Colored Pencils


Glue Stick


Pictures from:

First day of school


Waxless museum

School Parties

Colonial Day

With teachers from 5th grade AND previous years


The All About Me book is a fun project and something that they can keep forever. Students can start bringing in their supplies as soon as you get them. We appreciate your support!

Upcoming Dates

April 7: Westward Expansion Social Studies Test

April 15: Financial Literacy Math Test

April 18-29: Try on Rice MS PE uniforms in front office

April 20: Life Science Test (**DATE CHANGED)

April 29: Progress Reports

April 30: PTA Carnival

May 11: Science STAAR Test

May 12: MAP Testing begins

May 27: Holiday

May 30: Holiday

May 31: Fifth Grade Celebration (graduation) 6:00 p.m.

June 2: Fifth Grade End of Year Party (during school)

June 3: Last day of school, Assembly, Report Cards


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