Christmas in Ireland

By Patrick N

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What is the holiday about,when, and why is it celebrated

5 facts about when and why it is celebrated.

  • the birth of Jesus
  • Irish X-mas started in 1117
  • brought by King Henry the 2nd
  • A candle is lit by youngest child
  • holiday is celebrated in Dec.27

What things are done to celebrate the holiday

5 facts about is done to celebrate

  • go to wood
  • get red berry holly
  • decorate house with red berry holly and ivy
  • decorate thee with candles and ribbons
  • Santa leaves gifts near bed

What are some foods and symbols and foods related to this holiday

5 facts about food and symbles

  • before the 17 century they had beef, goose, and chicken
  • have various kinds of podding
  • make corn beef and cabbage
  • made rye bread
  • also made cream of turnip soup