Dragon Points


Ms. Bradford, Mrs. McBride, and Mrs. Hurst-Holland for having some intensely engaging lessons.

Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment

Warm-ups can be the most important piece to a successful class as it sets the tone and allows teachers the opportunity to take care of procedural items such as attendance. In my walks I have been seeing the great bell to bell (teaching) engagement, and I have been impressed with what I have seen when classes begin. If you have not been doing a warm-up (you should start), you need to give thought to the amount of time wasted and moreover how it helps students settle into a routine before critical learning takes place and the practice and assessment opportunity that can be obtained. Conversely the ending of class can be the last opportunity to engage minds. At the beginning of my education career, I allowed the last five minutes of class to be a time to pack-up etc and was not using it appropriately. I evolved in my instruction methods and opened my eyes to the last five minutes as an opportunity to truly use questioning to assess the students and what they had learned. The next part of the evolution process occurred when I moved beyond asking knowledge based questions and moved to higher thinking questioning techniques. Students should be mentally tired when they leave your classroom. Next time we will discuss what your students do when someone is presenting….

Faculty and Staff Members of the Month

Congratulations!!!! Coach Justin Pipak!!!! Mrs. Jana Bevil!!! Check out the display case in the foyer!!!

October 10th

This is a professional learning day. Our start time will be 8:15. You will have an agenda on Monday once I have ironed out details with the other Central Zone Middle School Principals but look for the first half of the day to be at Durham with the second half after lunch to be at various middle school campuses based on departments. Clink the link below to enroll or copy and paste in your browser for Eduphoria (not Internet Explorer). http://pdas.lisd.net/wshop/default.aspx?cid=11976

ARD Expectations

As with most schools our special education population continues to increase. With that being said, I wanted to reiterate the importance of completing and turning in accurate paperwork. This will ensure that ARDS run smoother and that we are doing what is best for the students we are discussing. I like most people have become attached to my cellular device and wonder how I would have made it before having it. During ARDS we should refrain from using these devices and keep them on silent.