Cradle to Cradle - Hairbands

Miranda Reyes

How is it made?

Hair Ties are made of elastic and rubber. The monomer in rubber is a carbon compound, which is the same thing in tree sap. Hair ties don't have any chemical effects or reactions.

How is it repurposed?

Hair ties can't be recycled, but they can be used for different crafts or projects. But the packaging that the hair ties come in is normally cardboard and that can be recycled to make new cardboard products.


Hair ties can be used as long until they break.

Hair ties can easily get tangled in hair

Hair ties are mainly used to hold hair back

Hair ties have the same properties as rubber bands

The fibers in the Hair ties allows them to stretch

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Hair ties can be reused for different crafts and to tie things other than hair together. To reduce hair ties being lost and ending up in the trash you could keep them in a container and use them until they break. Since they can't be recycled be sure tot throw them in the trash and dispose of them properly.
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