Word of the Month

This month, I want to know what you think our words mean. We discussed and explored these words in January, but before we did, I asked students what they thought it meant to be bold and courageous. You can read their responses here.

BOLD (adjective): not afraid of danger or difficult situations

COURAGEOUS (adjective): the ability to do something that you know is difficult

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This month, we are talking all about being bold and courageous!

At Camp Read Smore, we are echoing the classroom conversations about Martin Luther King and discussing how we really are more alike than we are different. We will be reading books that show kids standing up for what is right and later, we will watch some amazing kids who showed courage as they achieved their dreams.

Author T.A. Barron, has this to say about courage. (You can click on his name to learn more about this author.) Here's another video about courage by a due named Nellie and Ned.

This week we are reading The Juice Box Bully and learning about a promise that was made. Click here to watch the Juice Box Bully book trailer!

Oh and check out this video of a 9 year old kid being bold, courageous and well, just awesome! You just never know where and when an opportunity will rise and greet you.

Click here to watch amazing teens who were bold and courageous in making things happen. Like Kid President says, "Boring people talk. Awesome people do!" Watch 20 Things We Should Say More Often by clicking here.

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Author Spotlight on . . . AME DYCKMAN!

Ame Dyckman (pictured below) wrote Tea Party Rules and Boy + Bot. She is currently working on Wolfie the Bunny and another title, called Horrible Bear. The First graders at our school had the privilege to meet Ms. Dyckman via Skype and at the same time help make NACP history as this was the first Skype we have ever done at our school. What a treat it was to have Ame Dyckman as our first. Scroll down for some pictures of our time together and a video of the Skype!

Ms. Dyckman was amazing! Not only was she fun to chat with, but she answered all of the fantastic questions our first graders had, shared her current projects and introduced us to many of her favorite titles and authors! I can't wait to add many of them to our shelves at Camp Read Smore!

"What if you met someone that was different? What if you liked different foods? What if that person was made of . . . metal? Could you be friends?" I bet you could! We are all more alike than we are different, right! Click here to watch the book trailer for Boy + Bot!!!

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Exciting new adventures coming in February and March!!!

Pictures below are a hint of what's to come to Camp Read Smore in the next two months!
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