Simon Birch

Travis Frerk


God has a plan for everyone no matter who you are.

Simon states,"I think God made me who I am for a reason" (Simon Birch)

This is the theme because God actually does have a plan for everyone. In the movie, people like Miss Leavy and the reverend said that god doesn't have a plan for Simon. He doesn't listen and keeps telling himself that he does. In the end of the movie he proves them wrong because even people with disabilities can still be heros.

Simon Birch:

Physical characteristics: Born premature, wasn't supposed to live the night, kills his best friend's mom

Emotional characteristics: Positive, stands up for what he believes in, faithful, Mature, friendly and caring, religious,

Interactions: Best friends with Joe, loves baseball, ruins the Christmas play

Scene 1: Kills Joe's mom

I don't know why my coach put me into bat, but i was glad he did. I walked up the the plate, and waited for the pitch. I swung away and hit the ball. Everyone in the stands stood up in shock. I watched the ball go foul heading right towards Joe's mother. It hit her directly in the head and her body dropped. We all rushed over to her to see if she was alright. We all stared at her corpse, and our coach checked her pulse. She was dead.

Scene 2: Simon finds baseball

I snuck into the reverend's office after he had left for the retreat to get my baseball cards. I saw the box on the top shelf. and gathered things that I could climb on the get it. I grabbed the box and behind it i saw a baseball. The reverend is Joe's dad!

Scene 3: Bus crash

When the bus entered the water, and everyone was screaming, I knew what I had to do. I spoke up and told everyone what they needed to do. Joe helped the kids get out of the back of the bus. I directed all of them to Joe and kept them calm. When everyone was off the bus and safe, I looked in each seat to see if we missed anybody. There was a young boy who was crying and saying that his leg was stuck. I went underwater and dislodged it from what was holding him down. Joe came over and i helped the little boy crawl our the window to safety. I followed behind and just before I could grab Joe's hand, the bus went completely under. I held my breath longer than i ever had before i reached the surface of the water. I woke up in the hospital with Joe by my side, and all I could think about was if the kids were alright. He reassured me that all of the kids were okay. I knew i was going to die that day, and I told joe that he could have my baseball cards. I could feel myself fading and fading away until i was gone for good.