One day of happiness

The Story of Culture

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My favorite parabola was the Queen Mother of the Western Skies because it showed what the mothers originally set out to do when they had their kids. "then you must teach my daughter the same lesson. How to lose your innocence but not your hope. how to laugh forever" (Tan 203)
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Writing prompt 1

If i were given the option to choose a different family I would choose Jong due to the intense plot line. I would want to read this family because it sounded more interesting that the others. It also was more realistic as opposed to St. Clair which i like, and it has issues in it that we can relate too today.
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Writing Prompt 2

" I thought up joy luck... I needed something to help me move" (Tan 23) I liked this quote because it describes why they needed the joy luck club and how it affected the people in it. It allowed them to carry on with there lives and continue to have a little bit of happiness.

Thematic Paragraph

In The Joy Luck Club, Amy Tan presents the ideas that personal values create differences between people but it shouldn't tear them apart. An example of this would be in the parabola 26 malignant gates, where the mother is Chinese and the daughter is american. Then the mother tells the daughter a story as to why she shouldn't do something, but the daughter cannot understand for herself because she doesn't speak Chinese. This creates differences between the mother-daughter pair due to their separate cultures. In June Mei's story she " told my mother what she wanted to hear" (37) illustrating their communication issues throughout the novel. It expressed how the mother-daughter pairs had little and very meaningless communication due to their each individual personal values.