Soar to Your Dreams Team


June/July Team Recognition

Top Designers for June 2013

Malinda Latigo

Vanessa McLean Bandli

Marie Olsen

Top Designers for July 2013

Katrina DiMassa

Sabrina Moore

Jamie Coker

Top Team Volumes for July 2013

Stacey Michels Team

Victoria Simcheck Team

April Ogea Team

Welcome to the New Designers from June/July

Janice Bielazycz

Tamara Butler

Nicole Kiefer

Shannon Myers

Lisa Harris

Cathy Marvin

Angela Papalia

Brittany Glab

Tawna Klopf

Lori Rule

Jackie Wagensomer

Julie Rauser

Heather Stanley

Rachael Long

Chelsea Bodary

Brandy Stewart

Christina McCloud

Chantel Heimerl

Patricia Hillier

Danielle Mayes

Jessica Johnson

Sabrina Moore

Megan Kelly

Cathy Melody


New Senior Team Leader: Stacey Michels

New Team Leaders: Malinda Latiago (June) & Marie Olsen (July)


Thank you Ladies for all you do!!! Mothers Day sales were off the charts at the Nest and I am confident now that they will be ready to handle the Holiday orders this year. They continue to bring on experienced people to the Nest leadership line to keep the company moving in the right direction! We are all very lucky to be here at the beginning of it all. Yes, we have had some major bumps here and there, but most of us are still here cause we see the potential. We have seen results in our own personal businesses.

The Fall is bringing some exciting things!!! Look for the new and improved back office in September.. The new products and catalogs in Sept or Oct are sure to wow all your customers!

If you need any help getting back on track with your business just ask. It's never too late to start over! Just do not quit, you can always launch yourself again.. Continue to wear and share!! Keep it simple! This jewelry does sell itself! Don't forget to let them know about the business aspect of it too, cause If you don't ask, someone else will!!

Set your short term and long term goals and have an excellent August!!!

Soar To Your Dreams Team BBQ

Sunday, Aug. 11th, 2pm

9900 7 Mile Rd

Northville, MI

Reminder: This is our 1st Annual Team BBQ get together! It is to Celebrate YOU and O2.

You, your designers and DIWs are invited!

If you can not make it that is ok, we will miss you! If you have not done so already, please continue to RSVP by Thursday Aug 8th!

Some of you have asked for an Upline Tree, here it is & then their Team names:

Soar to Your Dreams Team Upline

(Their status’ as of July 2013)

The Nest

Heidi Russell (Direct to corporate) Senior Director- joined 12/2011

Leslie Rhoads- Senior Director- joined 12/2011

Emily Allison- Senior Director- joined 12/2011

Roxanne Paquette- Director- joined 3/18/2012

Susanne Mack – Executive Team Leader- joined 7/4/13

Kim Michels- Senior Team Leader- joined 7/4/13

Heidi’s Team Name- SuperStars

Leslie’s Team Name- Charmed Rock Stars

Emily Allisons Team Name- Team Lovely Lockets

Roxanne Paquettes Team Name- Strong Island

Susanne Mack- Dare to Dream

Kim Michels- Soar to Your Dreams Team