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Looking for a Room Mate

Hey I’m Jeffrey and I’m currently looking for a roommate. I’d prefer a male as I don’t know if I could handle living with a women ;). I’m looking for someone who is clean and doesn’t make a mess. Being sanitary is a huge must and please smell decent. In terms of rent I would pay half and you would pay the other half. I will be running a background check to make sure I’m not living with a killer or pedo. I’d really like if you could give me a call thanks.

About Me

About Me

Before you give me a call read this to make sure you can handle me. I’m 16 and I am currently in High school. I need the place to be quiet when I study which is quite often. I am not too big on people making a mess, and I am a clean freak. Do not expect me to clean up after you as I find that disgusting. My interests include football, hockey, and Xbox. My favorite football team is the NY Giants and I am a hardcore fan. If you’re a giants fan please call I would love for you to be my roommate. I play Xbox when I get the time and I am very good at Call of Duty and Madden.