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Updated March 30, 2020

Dear SCMS families,

What a unique time for our school. We recognize how instruction at home is a different style of learning for our students and your family. Our SCMS teachers and staff are working hard to support your students in our Alternative Method of Instruction days. We want to provide you with one resource, our newsletter for you to access for all of our resources, activities, and any support you may need. We recognize it will not be the same as in the classroom, but everything should be familiar to your students. We have created learning opportunities for your students to support academic learning and will provide additional resources for other types of engaging activities for your child.

This newsletter page will serve as our site and be used as a place to access all Google Classrooms and resources. We will be updating links and distributing the updated newsletter periodically as needed.

You will find links inside this newsletter for your child's grade level Google Classroom in case your child does not have an AMI packet. AMI packets for April 6th - April 17th are being mailed to your child and should arrive by April 4th. You can find resources for your child here in the newsletter, in your child's Google Classroom or on your child's grade level Facebook page.

We certainly know there is a lot going on right now but our teachers are here to support our students. Students can send their administrators, teachers, counselors, or staff an email for support at You will also find additional links on this page with resources about Covid-19 to help you talk to your child. You can also find information at

We appreciate your partnership and feel free to reach out to any of our staff of our members through e-mail if you any questions or concerns along the way. You can reach Mrs. Lisa McGriff, Assistant Principal at or contact me at

With Great Appreciation,

Gina Richard


Star City Middle School

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Video Challenge for SCMS students

SCMS students:

You can be featured in a video that will be broadcasted nationally!!!!

Send me your short video segments that display how you are practicing our Energy Bus Principles at home:

  1. We are the driver - How are learning in a new way. Vids welcome of you completing AMI, using other learning tools, completing AMI.

  2. Create a positive vision - Goals, goals, goals. The struggle has been real here for us, how are you persevering on this one? Strong minds lead to strong people. Show me what you got.

  3. Drive with Purpose - Using your unique talents and gifts. Over the past few days, how have you used your talents and gifts to entertain or share within your family?

  4. Fueling Your Ride with Positive Energy - Due to social distancing, we have to think of new ways to share our positive energy with others. Share those ideas, use technology like never before, go old school, or both! Students are probably rocking this one!

  5. Transform Negativity - As we ALL face this challenge, what an opportunity we now have to spend time with our family. Our busy lives sometimes prevent this because as students you are always on go, go, go!!! Let us see your videos of spending time with your fams!!!

  6. Love Your Passengers - What an opportunity to love and serve others. In this crisis, we have watched people give, serve, and love. What a great testimony to our human race. How are you giving back and making a difference? We can't wait to see this one!!

  7. EnJOY the Ride - Now more than ever it is important for us to remember we need to take good care of ourselves. Show us how you are living your best life and being happy.

Be sure and share how these principles are MAKING A DIFFERENCE for you! Remember, this is not something we do, it is who we are!!!! We are A++ students both inside our building, with our families, in our communities, and anywhere we are!!!!!

Speak loud so the phone will pick up your voice. Speak clearly, Have fun!!! Don't forget to mention the Energy Bus Principles you are sharing and how it is making a difference. Keep it short. Send me your video via email, by Friday. April 3rd!!!!

iReady is your child's personalized Math and Reading online pathway they work in every day. Students complete diagnostic assessments throughout the school year and iReady creates personalized lessons for them.

During this time, I strongly recommend if students can complete their iReady lessons this will keep them moving in the right direction. We set at least a 70% pass rate for our students in their lessons and would encourage our students to keep up their great pass rates!!!

iReady keeps great reports for our students. Please have your student login and explore their performance. If you have any questions or would like any additional information, please contact me at

Los días AMI se utilizarán del 6 al 17 de abril. Los estudiantes usarán los días 6 a 10. La información sobre AMI estará disponible por correo electrónico y en Google Classroom. Padres, asegúrese de que sus hijos revisen sus correos electrónicos. Si usted o sus hijos tienen preguntas o necesitan ayuda, pueden comunicarse con los maestros por correo electrónico. Puede enviar un correo electrónico en español a

Gracias por su compresio'n.

Mrs. Richard

How to Talk With Your Child About Covid-19

Please use the following resources to support conversations with your child about Covid-19 and help reduce any fears he or she may have.

Parent Resource to Talk to Children About Covid-19

Handwashing Video from CDC

Center for Disease Control

Arkansas Department of Health

Need Technology Assistance

If you need technology assistance, please email Randy Newton at or Atless Brown at

The IT department will be glad to assist you.

Additional Resources and Learning Opportunities for Students

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If you would like to have this newsletter emailed to you each time it is sent to SCMS families, please send your email address to our Parent Coordinator

Thank you for your continued support.