Mrs. Schraml's Newsletter

September 19, 2016

Blue Goal Folders

I kept the student's goal folders over the weekend and will hang onto them until Wednesday. I need to make some repairs, add new goals, and add resources.

I need access to them every single day, so please be sure to return them to your student's backpack after practicing their goals at home. I will have them prove to me they know their goal three times before they get a new goal.

This is a great way to connect home and school! You will know exactly what they should be working on and what they still need to learn. We will also be working on these goals at school.

Questions or comments please let me know! I am so excited to get these started

Specials Schedule week of 9/19-9/23 This week's color is ORANGE

Monday - A Day PE Please wear or send tennis shoes

Tuesday - B Day ART Please return library books

Wednesday - C Day Music and Library/Technology

Thursday - A Day PE Please wear or send tennis shoes

Friday - B Day ART

Our Brains are Growing!

What we are learning about...

ELA - We will be reading the book, My Friends at School by Rochelle Bunnett. We will also be working with a poem called Friends at School. Please play rhyming games at home to help increase your child's rhyming skills.

We will also be talking about Metacognition, thinking about our thinking.

Writing - We will be talking about our thinking and creating a visual image with a lot of details on our journal paper. We will talk about and start labeling our pictures with letters and words.

Phonics - The kids are learning the sounds and actions quickly and they are remembering them! It is amazing how quickly the students learn the sounds and actions. This week we will learn the sounds that the letters b, ai, j, oa, ie make. (ai says the letter A, oa says the letter O, and ie says the letter I) We learn a new sound EVERY DAY! Please make sure your child is there everyday so they aren't missing out on valuable instruction.

Math - We will are beginning Chapter 2 in Math in Focus - Numbers to 10.

By the end of first quarter students should be able to count to 25 and by Christmas 50. Please continue practicing counting at home.

Here are a few of our I can statements for this chapter:

  • I can answer the question “how many?” after counting a group up to 9.
  • I can write numbers 0-9.
  • I can count forward from a given number.

Science - We will continue our study of Energy and the Sun.

Social Studies - We will continue our Unit called Me and My School. We will discuss what it means to be a good citizen and create an anchor chart to have in our classroom as a reminder. We will make a model of a good citizen and list characteristics of good citizens on it's body.

  • I can describe how rules help me get along with my classmates. (sharing, taking turns, being respectful, conflict resolution/solving problems peacefully)

  • I can resolve disputes peacefully in my classroom and on the playground.

  • I can use specific positive words to describe role models within my school. (respectful, compassionate, honest, integrity, fair, kind).
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Using Metacognition at home

Have your child use these thinking stems when you are having a conversation about something specific. You can also use them and model this strategy. For example: While at the park or in the yard, "I'm wondering if there are eggs in that bird nest because the big bird keeps flying in and out of the nest."

Thinking Stems:

I'm wondering

I'm thinking

I'm feeling

I'm seeing

I'm noticing

We use these thinking stems daily while we do our Jolly Phonics. The students are getting really good at using different thinking stems and thinking deeper. The hardest one to use is I'm wondering. We talk about that I'm wondering shows that we are trying to figure something out that we don't know the answer yet.

Friends at School

Friends at school can play and share

Friends at school are kind and fair

Friends at school will talk to you

When you’re feeling sad and blue

Friends at school are big and small

Friends at school are best of all

Daily Attendance

Attendance is of utmost importance in Kindergarten! Every day we learn a new sound, review sounds & letters, learn sight words, work with numbers. We are mathematicians and scientists every day! Please send your child to school unless that really need to miss for illness, a death in the family, or doctor's appointments. If they just have a tummy ache, cough, runny nose or a scratchy throat please send them. I promise to love on them and give them the grace they need to make it through the day. We will do some worksheets but so much of kindergarten is whole and small group instruction and hands on activities that cannot be made up. On the other hand, if they are running a fever, having diarrhea, have the flu etc. please keep them home so the rest of us don't get sick. If they aren't feeling good, you can send me a message on ClassDojo to let me know. I will send them to the nurse if they need to be seen.

A few sites your child can enjoy (click on the buttons to go to the websites)

Jolly Songs 42 sounds and vowel song
Color O-R-A-N-G-E orange - Kindergarten
GoNoodle Activity Bursts

You can do these at home with your child! Perfect for a rainy day!

Apple apple Aaa With D'Nealian Letters ‌‌- Barbara Milne

About Mrs. Schraml

I was born in Independence and attended Thomas Hart Benton Elementary, Bridger Middle School, and William Chrisman High School. I Have my masters in Collaborative Teaching and Learning and my Education Administration Specialist. My favorite grade of all time to teach is Kindergarten. I am passionate about giving kids a great start to their education and getting them excited about school.

I have been married to Mike for 12 years and we have 2 daughters, Lily (6th grade) and Grace (1st grade). We live in Independence and our girls attend school in the Independence School District. We have 2 dogs, Macy and Magnus.

My favorite color is green but I love all colors. I love spending time with my family, shopping at antique stores, and refinishing furniture. I try to be a health nut but always enjoy sweet treats. :)

Most of all I am thoroughly enjoying working with your children! They are learning our procedures quickly and I can't wait to see them grow academically. Thank you for trusting your children with me this year and thank you for your support in their education!