FB Traffic Sniper Review by Bertram

Jeremy Kennedy and James Renouf

Facebook Traffic Sniper Review

The FB Traffic Sniper by Jeremy Kennedy in a nutshell will be launched May 12th 2013 and will be about Facebook paid traffic. It will demonstrate how to get the cheapest clicks but ultra targeted ads on the biggest social network in history. Its super targeted because lets face it, everybody an their mama is on FB. Everyday. You know those little ads on the side? Yea, that can be you, targeting or should I say, sniping out potential buyers for what ever you're promoting. Jeremy will be showing us how to perfect out ads, from the picture to the headline, ad body and more importantly the interests. If you know about FB Paid Traffic then you know in order to get 0.01 cent clicks or even a half of cent, you have to be targeting the right interest.

If you know Jeremy, then you know he has Badass software to help with the sniping. Yep, know more wasting valuable time or money on FB ads. Better yet don't post another ad until you get Facebook Traffic Sniper. Jeremy and James Renouf gave us great products before and this one shouldn't be any different.

What most people don't know about FB ads is the good ol Power Editor, the Power Editor allows us to target groups, other pages and even a single or group of people. Now thats ultra targeted!

Earlier in the year, Jeremy and James released FB target ID and it changed the game for marketing on Facebook. Only this time it gets even better. I hope you see the potential in this like I do, I've tried Google PPC and Facebook PPC and I'll tell you this, Facebook Leads are more targeted, the only problem, FB doesn't really let you target like a ninja. Google can't compare. But with this software we'll be able to focus our ads at anybody any group or post!

If you're ready to get Jeremy Kennedy and James Renouf FB Traffic Sniper, Get it here and email me, call me at 843-303-8016 or come to my house ;) and ask me for any help, bonus or lets just mastermind. That's how much confidence I am about this product being the product of the year so far. Its really goin down on May 12th 2013 and I hope to hear from you.

Bertram Dickerson

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