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December 28th 1934

Disastrous Fire Strikes Town

This Sunday disaster struck whilst everyone was asleep in the sleepy town of Maycomb. The ugly smokey catastrophe began in a young lady's house by the name of Ms. Maudie. She claimed it was by her fault as she had left her fireplace on because of the harsh cold. Though help rushed as fast as it can , the fire still managed to almost engulf the surrounding houses. Ms. Maudie on the other hand not appearing upset with it at all claims " I didn't like it anyway , I'm actually kind of glad about the whole shenanigan. The neighbourhood disturbance lasted a good 3 hours with everyone out of their homes in horror and shock as they could only watch the monstrous flames overtake a nearby home. Currently Ms. Maudie resides in the home of Ms. Stephanie Crawford

Calpurnia's Catering

Want fresh food cooked up and delivered to your door? Give a ring to Calpurnia of Maycomb county's door. Now serving you Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner of your choice . ( except beans she hates the smell of beans ) . Only 25 cents a plate ! ( bring your own plates ) Now with a variety of 3 different desserts as well !

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