Ethan's Guide To Fun On Earth

So Much Info and FUN

The Earth!!!!

Such a fun place to visit


  • The La Junta Grassland
  • The Amazon Rainforest
  • Sahara Desert

The La Junta Grassland

  • Short grass prarries to rugged canyons.
  • 443,764 acres of range lands
  • 300 Diffrent species of birds, reptiles, amphibions, and mammals
  • Dino tracks
  • A diverse history spanning thousands of years.


get to explore a place like no other.

could find dinosaur tracks.

Amazon Rainforest

  • largest rainforest in the world.
  • covers 40% of the south american countrys.
  • second largest river in the world.
  • the amazon raiforest used to flow westward.
  • over 20 species of stingray live in the river.
  • About 10 million years ago, waters worked through , the sandstone to the west and amazon began to flow eastward.

Packing List

  • machety
  • Umbrella
  • Tent
  • Radio
  • bug spray


Get to explore a place that has rare species.

Get to see beautiful animals and fish

Sahara Desert

  • 3rd largest desert
  • 9,400,00 square killomitors
  • bounded by the atlantic ocean
  • the red sea is to the east of this desert
  • people used to live in this desert

Packing List

  • hiking gear
  • tents
  • fire tools
  • Hat
  • sunblock
  • sunglasses

opportunities for this place

  • get to explore a vast area of desert
  • you get to collect some sand

3 ways humans regonalize the earth

  • horizon
  • north,east,south,west
  • continents