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September 8, 2017

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We are home to the Academics Plus Program.

Our mission is to:

Spark a joy for learning

Build a foundation of knowledge and skills

Create a safe and respectful environment

Partner with families to develop lifelong learners and leaders

Upcoming Events

9/15 - Family Dance sponsored by PTA from 6-8 PM in MPR
9/19 - PTA Association Meeting

9/21 - K-2 Picture Day

9/22 - 3rd-5th Picture Day

9/29 - Jog-a-thon
10/13 - Fall Festival
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Message from the Principal

Thank you to everyone who came out to our Chipotle Restaurant Night! Our school earned over $900. My first priority this year for donations to our school is to replenish our environmental camp scholarship fund. Other items on our wishlist include more guided reading books for K-2, more iPads, new science and math curriculum, and professional development for The Leader in Me.

We are so lucky to have amazing specialists at Sierra View. Mary Crowlie teaches our Fine Arts to grades 1-5. I love watching Lady Mary Crowlie in action in our classrooms. She is passionate about art and engages students with creative lessons (see the Frida Kahlo example above) and speaks in accents that match the artist she's teaching our students about.

Kerry Kelly and Vickie Lourenco are our PE specialists for grades 1-5. Our students move their bodies, learn teamwork, and about health from these amazing teachers. You'll see them out on our playground with groups of students and Kerry Kelly's service dog, Flair, is often helping teach the kids too.

Last but not least, Tamara Allspaugh teaches music to our 4th and 5th graders. Our students sing, play African drums, and participate in band. Our office hears joyful music coming from our MPR when Ms. Allspaugh is teaching. The kids love music time because it's high energy and fun. We're fortunate to have Ernie Witt on our campus as well, who gives of his time to provide a weekly sing-along to students in kindergarten and first grade.
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Our Focus Habit for August/September is Be Proactive

Click here to find principles and activities for families to support the 7 Habits at home.

Creating Connections

At Sierra View Elementary our mission is to maximize academic success, develop leadership skills, and create a climate of safety, support and acceptance for ALL students. Children who have a network of caring adults in their lives tend to survive the rough times of life with resiliency and grow up to be happy and healthy adults. We address social/emotional learning, educational success and personal development in the classroom and through a comprehensive support program. Support services may include individual and group counseling, Partners In Play (PIP), friendship groups, classroom SEL lessons and/or family support. Please read about the support personnel who will be serving our school this year.

Counseling Services

Cynthia Argo, School Counselor, is new to Sierra View and will provide short-term individual and group counseling as well as classroom lessons on topics such as: empathy, emotion control, coping skills, problem solving, friendship, self-confidence, grief and family change. The school counselor is also available for consultation with parents and teachers. She will be on campus, Tuesdays and Thursdays each week in Room #6, or can meet by appointment. Cynthia can be reached at or at 891-3117 #156.

Family Support Liaison/Targeted Case Manager

Greetings to Sierra View parents! How can I help you? My role here as a Family Support Liaison/Targeted Case Manager is to provide you with resources such as parenting classes, family counseling, and information on emergency assistance, health services, low income community services and much more. I am here to support you, to help make your child’s growth and educational experience successful. Please stop by my office, room 6, when you are on campus. I am here Monday through Friday from 12 pm to 4 pm.

Thank you!
Ge Thao-Lor

Partners in Play (PIP)

The PIP special friends program is a one-to-one child driven play experience.
Play is the work of a child. Play is the tool used for building trust and a supportive relationship between the adult and the child. Young children learn, try new skills, solve problems, build friendships and express feelings through play.

The PIP program works closely with teachers to choose a limited number of children who might benefit from the unique opportunity for one-to-one attention provided by a special friend.

Here at Sierra View your special friend is Debi Herrick, Guidance Specialist.

~PIP- Building a Stronger School Community!

Classroom Presentations and Friendship Groups

My name is Chela Lewis and I am a Guidance Specialist at Sierra View. I have my degree from Chico State and I have worked for Chico Unified School District for about 17 years. My job includes leading friendship groups with some students and facilitating whole classroom presentations using several curriculums. The Toolbox gives students “tools” they can use to get along with each other, Second Step encourages empathy development, teaches problem solving skills and works with children to help them with anger management. The final curriculum I use is Steps To Respect and, again, it helps students develop empathy, compassion and understanding. I weave these programs together in weekly presentations in your child’s classroom.

Please look in the Creating Connections corner of the Sierra Viewer to learn more about our support programs throughout the year.
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Get on the Energy Bus!

We'll be reading The Energy Bus in our classrooms this year to build our positive school culture. There is an adult version of the book as well, if you'd like to get on the bus too.
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