The Island of Dreams!

The hotels in Djerba are luxurious and fancy. The service also is excellent and the food in the hotels is just magnificent. You will sertanly enjoy your stay.

The beach.

The sun on your face, the fine sand under your feet … nothing’s more relaxing than a beach vacation. Experience the island life in Djerba. Lucky for you, the water’s warm and the beach hotels are plentiful. You can experience the boat trip to the Flamingo Island, Embark on pirate ships to the island of flamingos to discover the rhythm of life of the captain and sailors. Trust me, it will make you forget about everything, it is magnificent.

The fantastic food.


The places and villages that you can visit in Djerba Island.

  • the defensive monument, El Kebir Or Borj Ghazi Mustapha Jerba
  • Farm of Crocodiles For people fascinated by funny creatures
  • The La Ghriba.
  • Guellala the Village of pottery. If you are interested in ceramics, you should visit at least one of their workshops. These are the only places in the whole country, where can be introduced, how authentic ceramic was made in the time of King Midas.

Authentic living in Djerba.

"Dar Djerba" Dhiafa and "The Riadh" traditional hotel are boutique hotels in Djerba. you will enjoy their tranquility and their calmness.