I Am Me!

Edition 1 1/29/16

A Cousin

Out of the many things I am, I am a cousin to my wonderful cousin Mallory. We live 5 hours away from each other but face time every day.
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My Mom

Out of all my friends, and family members my mom inspires me most. She is a principal at Seven Hills Elementary, and she loves every second of her job, because she gets to help teachers and students learn every day. Even the tough times because they make her stronger. She does the right thing every time, and shows me what to do in tough times. She also inspires me because she had to work for what she has gotten in life. She worked hard to get good grades in school, and to get in the college of her choice. But most of all she inspires me because she is kind to everyone she meets, even if they aren’t nice to her. If I grew up to be like my mom I wouldn’t regret it. Because I would rather be kind, loving and be passionate about what I do, than be the opposite. She inspires me because I want to be her. She supports my dreams and will help me get them in life.


to be, or not to be.


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My Favorite Spot

My favorite spot in my house is my big chair in my room.
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Why I Am Unique

The definition of unique is, being one of a kind, unlike anyone else. Last year I won the principals award and that made me feel unique because out of all the girls in the 6th grade they chose me. this achievement makes me unique because i worked hard all year and it didn't go unnoticed. I feel like if we weren't unique no one would know who they were anymore. I am unique because no one else is exactly like me. being unique is like saying that everyone is a diamond. When someone gets an award they feel like they are special, they feel like they are finally being noticed and that is how i felt. Another time when i felt unique was in the first basketball game i scored the 1st points of the season, and only one person gets to do that, and it was me. Feeling unique is feeling like you stand out in a good way and I would choose to feel like that every day, rather than blending in.

By: Ava Blackburn

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