The Paris Opera House

The Phantom Of The Opera

How did it start you might ask?

Charles Garnier designed and supervised The Paris Opera House. There was a competition that the Emperor held who would design the Opera House. Then as you can see Charles won!! I think he did a great job!! The stage was built with 118,404 square feet and guess how many players can be up there at one time? 450 people!! The main chandelier weighs 6 and 1/2 tons!!It took 13 painters,73 sculptors, 14 plasters, and stucco specialist to complete it. A terrible accident happened where one guest was killed by one of the counterweights from the chandelier. Who might of heard of the book The Phantom Of The Opera by Gaston Leroux, well that event was what what inspired him to write the book. Be sure not to go to the basement because it was flooded!!