It Came From Greek!

Due at the end of class today

What you will do

  • Pick up the phrase paper and read over the phrases

  • Discuss quietly with your peers about the phrases and their roots.

  • Volunteers will read the phrases aloud

  • Tell me what you think of these phrases, are they still heard around today?

  • Come up with other words or phrases that have a Greek or Roman root to them

  • Fill out your worksheet
  • Discussion over what you have found

You can work with those around you (quietly)

What I expect students to learn /do at the end of this lesson

During the activity the students will be able to recognize current sayings and relate them to the root of these sayings from Greek and Romans.

During discussion students will be able to use these phrases in sentences and be able to share their prior knowledge of other sayings that have roots with Greek and Roman language.

Students will develop and understanding of some Greek and Roman language that they will be able to use to create their own style of myths.

If you have questions do not hesitate to ask!