Summer Holiday Destination in India

Favorite Summer Holiday Destinations in India

Summer vacation is the most preferred time for travelers in India. To beat the scorching heat, people prefer to travel to locations which can give them a break from the rising temperatures and also from the monotonous routines of their lives. People usually go for family holidays during this season. The destinations which rank high on the preferences of the tourists have been discussed below.

• Manali

It is the perfect picturesque location to get some relief from summers in the lap of nature. It is located in Himachal Pradesh on the ends of Kullu valley at an altitude of 2050 meters. It is surrounded by hills and mountains. It offers the opportunity for travelers for trekking, rafting etc. It is a must visit for people visiting the Himalayas as it falls on the same connecting routes. Rohtang Pass and Mall Road are the main attractions for the visitors.

• Shimla

Shimla is the capital of Himachal Pradesh. It was the summer capital of the British Empire in India. The city consists of many temples and palaces which are the main tourist attractions. The Mall, Christ Church, Summer Hill is the most visited places. It is the favorite hill station for the summers. Easy connectivity via all travel mediums makes it more accessible.

• Ooty

It is a very famous hill station located in Tamil Nadu at an altitude of 2286 meters in the Nilgiri Hills. The economy of the city is majorly tourist dependent. The tea plantations and the breathtaking natural grace are the characteristic beauty of the town. Soothing mild temperatures throughout the day make the city even more pleasant for a holiday.

• Munnar

It is the most visited hill stations of Kerela. It is known for its greenery, lakes, waterfalls and mountains. Beautiful orchids, tea estates and wildlife sanctuaries providing shelter to different species are the added attractions at Munnar. It is a perfect place to holiday in a natural way. The cloudy peaks, mild temperatures and grasslands create a perfect natural look.

• Nainital

It is a famous hill station located in the Kumaon foothills in the state of Uttaranchal. It is situated 2086 meters above the sea level and a glimpse of the highest peaks gives an overwhelming view of the scenery. It is surrounded by mountains and Naina lake from which its name has been derived. Naini Devi Temple, Snow View, Tiffin Top are the main tourist attractions.

• Darjelling

It is a town in West Bengal located in the Mahabharata range. It is famous for its tea plantations all over the world. It is diverse in its culture as people from different locations like Nepal, Tibet and Bengal. Its serene beauty is its main highlight. The influence of British times is still visible. There are many convent schools based on British concept.

These are a few famous and favorite holiday sites for travelers in summers. They not only help escape the heat but also give pleasant views to the eyes.