World's Dumbest Crooks

Author: Allan Zullo By: Manraj Nagra

Are actually that dumb

The book I have reading lately is called World's dumbest crooks. This book is a really a good book to read if you want to read about people robbing things the dumb ways. Also this book has a lot of criminals that do dumb things around the world. Like example banks, Jewelry stores, etc. The dumbest one I have read so far is that these people try to rob things in a police station, who the hell would think of that. I recommend this book for people who want to know dumb things about people robbing stores.

Are you dumber than a crook

The book is written on tons of people who like to do dumb things to rob things. I think the author chose to write this book because he or she is trying to show look at how many people rob things but they actually don't get anything out of it. Also I think the author is trying to say is that people around the world do this not just one person, and the author is also trying to say is that if more and more people make bad choices there not going to be live a good life. People who read this book are going to say to themselves that people are actually pretty dumb.

Read before you say something

1.) Ms Hamilton have you ever read this kind of book?When?

Ms Hamilton why do you have this book in your class room? Explain your think?and why? Finally what do think is the dumbest thing a person would ever do?Don't forget to explain why?