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1889- S.D. Achieves Statehood

November 2, 1889

After much controversy over where the Capitol should be located, the Dakota territory was split into North and South. Today, November 2,1889, North Dakota was entered into the Union as the 39th state and South Dakota was entered as the 40th.

New South Dakota


Populism is said to have started off in South Dakota. South Dakota organized the first Independent Party in 1890, just one year after it achieved statehood. Populism lasted from 1890-1896. Populists began to be elected for congressman and governors in many states. In 1900, Populism failed in South Dakota when the candidates for Populism were defeated statewide.

Populism was first founded in South Dakota, the Independent Party. It was founded so that the family farm could be protected. Agriculture in South Dakota includes corn, cattle, and soybeans.

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

My name is Sue Ewell. I'm not sure about how I feel about the Dakota's splitting up. My family is in a huge feud trying to decide if we should stay in the South or go to the North. Can you explain why the government made this rash decision? Thank you bye.

December 29, 1890

This morning, the Sioux chief, Big Foot, and some 350 of his followers took camp by Wounded Knee Creek. The Seventh Calvary, Custard's old regiment, advanced and surrounded them. Tensions had been high between the Calvary and Big Foot for a while setting a tense scene. The Calvary rounded up Big Foot and his followers and took them to Wounded Knee, South Dakota. Unfortunately, a shot was fired and within minutes, 300 unarmed Natives in Big Foot's tribe had been slaughtered by the Calvary. It was a gory and hideous massacre.
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Assimilation of Native Americans

Native American culture is less advanced than American culture and is too weak to last. Action has been being taken to remove the Natives and their culture and replace it with ours. The settlers, as Americans, have the right to their land which is being occupied by the Natives. Our goal is to move them to smaller reservations and remove them from our territory

Letters to the Editor

Dear editor,

My name is George Atkins. I am a soldier in the U.S Army. Lately, we have been trying to remove all Native Americans out of what we have been calling "our territory". It pains me to see and take part in hurting innocent people. After all, we must remember that we invaded their land. Isn't there any way we can compromise? I guess compromise isn't good enough for the American people.