21st Century Yellow Journalism

Yellow journalism is extremely common in today's society. For example, every time you go to the grocery store and check out there are many magazines. These are filled with exaggerated stories full of lies.

Huge Headlines

Huge headlines full of irrelevant information catch the readers attention.


2013. Ufosightingsdaily, police sightings, 5 February 2014. Web.

Websites such as ufosightingsdaily are examples of pseudoscience. The website if full of information which lacks scientific proof.


"Balloon Boy": Uncut video of the liftoff - Real or staged?
NewsFootage. "Balloon Boy": Uncut video of the lift off - Real or Staged?" Video. Youtube. Youtube LLC. 16 October 2009. 5 February 2014.
No Boy Inside Balloon
newsburghnews. "No Boy Inside Balloon" video. Youtube. Youtube LLC. 15 October 2009. 5 February 2014.
This was a hoax that made it's way to the news, fake stories like this can sometimes make their way onto national news.

Emphasis on background and images

ufosightingsdaily. Scott Waring. 2014. 6 February 2014.
That is an image of the website ufosightingsdaily. The background is extremely colorful and the site is full of pictures.