LBGTQ Reflections: Can I See Me?

Children's Picture Books and What They Reflect

Stella Brings the Family

Written by Mirian B. Schiffer. Illustrated by Holly Clifton-Brown.

Summary: What's a little girl to do when she has two daddies and a classroom Mother's Day celebration on the way? Stella isn't so sure she knows, and although her classmates make some wonderful suggestions, ultimately it is Stella who must decide how she can honor the holiday. Filled with warmth, and bright with acceptance and compassion, any child who reads this--particularly if that child is self-conscious about his or her family--is bound to be drawn into this picture book's simple story.

And Tango Makes Three

Written by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell. Illustrated by Henry Cole.

Summary: A true-life story filled with heart, And Tango Makes Three illustrates and shares the story of two male penguins at Central Park and the journey they take to create a family. Although it has been banned in numerous places, these three penguins and their story will give those children whose families are unique a chance to say, "Hey, my family is like that, too!"

In Our Mothers' House

Written and Illustrated by Patricia Polacco.

Summary: An homage to the unique family structure of children with same-sex parents, Ms. Polacco's In Our Mothers' House is filled with the fond memories of two women's adoptive daughter. She takes us from her arrival, through the arrival of her two siblings, onwards to several distinctive events she remembers from her childhood, and finally ends with a tender reflection on how much her two mothers--and their home--mean to both her and her siblings. Interestingly enough, In Our Mothers' House also gives gentle insight into how less-tolerant members of society might react to the narrator's family--and ultimately, describes how she and her mothers display immense compassion when confronted by it.

Prolific LBGTQ Writer: Lesléa Newman

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