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Weekly update from Bonsall West March 10, 2023

Principal's Message: Dream Big Bonsall West and ride with pride!

Hello Bonsall West parents!

We had a wonderful week! We had over 30 entries in the District sponsored art show and we had several students who placed in the top 3 of the District in their category. Congratulations to Sarah Miyagawa for placing 2nd in Crafts grades K-3; Grace Podzius for placing 1st in Crafts grades 4/5; Liliana Cortez for placing 2nd in crafts for grades 6-8; Camille Llenado for placing 3rd in fine arts , grades K-1; Gabriel Maldonado for placing 1st in fine arts grades 2-3!

We are so proud of all of our students and their amazing entries! There was a lot of competition. There were over 160 entrants!

Lunch on the lawn will be rescheduled to April 14th. Thank you for your understanding!

Our front office doors are locked during the school day for student safety. Please make sure to send your child with all the items they will need during the day to decrease the amount of foot traffic in the front office. In addition, if your child will be leaving early during the school day for an appointment, please email your child's teacher and call ahead to the office so your child will be ready for you when you arrive. Thank you!

Great news! Our school was one of 63 schools selected statewide for the Purple Star Award for our work supporting military connected students. The California Department of Education (CDE) is pleased to announce the California Purple Star Program. The Purple Star Program is a way to publicly recognize and designate schools that are the most committed and best equipped to meet the unique needs of military-connected students and their families. Our school/district will celebrate this award with a ceremony on 3/30 from 6-7 p.m. at Bonsall West. More details to follow. We are in need of student singers for this event. If your child is available to sing, 'God Bless the USA' by Lee Greenwood that evening, please let your child's teacher of the school office know.

We will have an online book fair event through Scholastic. Please see the flyer below.

On Friday, March 17th, we will be Presenting Our Annual Bonsall West Variety Show, “Mixed Tape”. The show will take place during school hours in our auditorium.

Shout out to our most recent staff members selected for our staff led Gung Ho awards!

Sergio Guzman: Beaver for his hard work on the Variety show and always supporting our students extra curricular activities and having music weekly at our Friday assemblies!

JoAnn Carruego: Squirrel: She makes sure this school is operational and always running in tip top shape. JoAnn works so hard for all of us!

Megan Mattioda: Pig: Her commitment to her students and for supporting Phoebe Mauk when she wanted to do an observation!

Shawna Reed: Goose: Shawna runs our after school daycare program with a smile on her face and is always supporting our students!

Bonsall West School Mission Statement

At Bonsall West, everyone is inspired to do their best, be respectful, work hard, think of others and dream big!

Bonsall West Vision:

At Bonsall West, we will focus on the future by setting goals and collaborating to create a leader culture that respectfully serves the community.

Reminder: our early release day is now Friday. Please remember to pick up your child at 1:05 for grades TK/K and 1:15 for students in grade 1-6th. Please also remind your child to bring a refillable water bottle daily. We have RO systems for fresh drinking water at school. If your child would like to get a hot lunch, please remind them to raise their hand in class.

Every Thursday is college shirt day and every Friday is Bonsall West spirit shirt days!

For additional information, please contact JoAnn Carruego

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Student shout outs

Shout out to Arjun Saxena for earning principal stamp of approval for getting a 100% on your math assessment this week!

Shout out to Evie Ramirez for earning principal stamp of approval for her amazing reading!

Shout out to Jackson Morris for earning principal stamp of approval for his penguin writing!

Shout out to Ali Hauff for earning principal stamp of approval for getting a 95% on her math assessment this week!

Each principal stamp of approval student received a prize from the prize box, a stamp of approval card, a special phone call home and a dance party!

Shout out to Harlow Schneider, Brendan Lange, Braxton and Addison for your Cat in the Hat writing!

Shout out to all of our District art show participants!

Shout out to Rosalie Towle for your lands writing, Emi Reza for your ponds writing, Eric Valverde for your land forms writing, Freddie Murphy for your waterfall writing, Ashlynn Donovan for your islands writing and Ainsly Duncan for your land forms writing! I learned a lot of facts reading your writing in class!

Shout out to Caleb Snuffer for spelling short vowel blended words!

Shout out to Mrs. Brady Guzman's class for working so quietly together!

Staff Shout outs

Shout out to Mrs. Mansell for the explicit directions given to students in order to solve a multi-addend math problem! The student writing: The Day the Cat in the Hat Came to Our Classroom was so much fun to read!

Shout out to Mrs. Hokanson for the arts attack painting project you had up on your walls!

Shout out to Mrs.Hendrickson for the student writing on the walls about water, ponds, lands, and waterfalls!

Shout out to Miss Lauire Duke for your hard work with one of your students!

Shout out to Mrs. Bennett for your infinite patience!

Shout out to Mrs. Quinones for your Dr. Seuss and Flowers in hand art projects!

Shout out to Mrs. Pellkofer for the fun lesson with your first grade students!

Shout out to Mrs. Carney for your hard work and lesson on main idea/details! It was great to see the students collaborating with each other!

Shout out to Mrs. Brady Guzman ! Your class was working so well together!

Shout out to Mrs. Wise for the division lesson with student collaboration!

Shout out to Mr. Guzman for the explicit lesson on writing an autobiography!

Shout out to Mrs. Milton for the vocabulary strategy graffiti art cards on the wall!


Habit 6

Habit 6: This month, we're going to learn about Habit 6-- Synergize! Together is better! Students are going to be learning about exploring their own strengths and weaknesses, as well as identifying the strengths of others to help with accomplishing a stronger vision. Habit 6 is all about collaboration; encouraging us to think outside of the box and explore creative alternatives using all of our teammate's unique strengths and weaknesses.

To practice at home, try asking your student to break a popsicle stick-- they probably can! But if you bundle a bunch of popsicle sticks, your student may have a harder time. That's because there's strength when we work as a team!

At Bonsall West Elementary School we are focusing on the Leader in Me to build lifelong leadership skills. We want our students to focus on the 7 habits: 1. feel empowered to be proactive and be in charge of themselves,2. set goals and begin with the end in mind,3. focus on work first then play with put first things first, 4. have an abundance mindset and think win win, 5. listen to our peers and seek first to understand , then be understood, collaboratively and synergize and 7. have school work/life balance and sharpen the saw. We have attached a couple of resource that explains the paradigm shifts that we focus on as well as the habits we focus on.


Multi cultural night is back! Please contact the PTA if you would like to host a table for Multi -cultural night! Please contact Athena Dhawan if you are interested:

Upcoming events:

Online Scholastic book fair open now

3/24: Round up

3/29: STREAM day 8:30-12:30

4/21: Multi cultural night

Please click on the latest edition of the District community newsletter:

In need of food assistance? Please open the flyer below to apply for Love on your back to receive a backpack full of good food for your family.

Homework strategies/supports for military families:

This webinar helps military parents with multiple children navigate the different homework assignments and requirements that each child must accomplish. Parents learn practical tips and strategies, including how to motivate their children. Register here:

BUSD Love on your back program

3597 Kellington Ct., Oceanside, Ca. 92056 760 224-1098


501c3 Nonprofit Charity #83-1210023 (website)

Please sign up for PTA:

Upcoming Dates

3/17: Variety show

3/24 : Round up 4-7 p.m.

3/29: STREAM day 8:30-12:30

3/30: Purple Star Award ceremony at Bonsall West 6-7 p.m.

4/3-4/10: Spring Break

April: Month of the Military child

April 12th: Tell me a Story night 5-6 p.m.