January 2022 – Volume XXXVIII– Issue 5


Meeting Location: West Freeway Church of Christ

1900 S. Las Vegas Trail Fort Worth, TX 76108

President: Molly Risewick 817-721-0500

President-Elect: Wanda Edmunds 682-560-9101


February 15th meeting. .

Notes from the President

Happy Valentine’s Day. In Spanish it is also called the day of love and friendship. So, happy day of friendship! The best decision I ever made when I joined the guild was to get involved as a Member at Large on the board. It really helped me to get to know more people and really make some connections. I always look forward to our next meeting so that I can see my quilting friends. I hope that members, both new and old, have made or will make connections with other members of the guild that will make you want to come back month after month to share in the creativity, laughter and joy that comes from being around other creatives.

As you probably well know, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, so that means we are in for six more weeks of winter. As I write this I am watching big fat snowflakes come down and cover the ice that dropped all night. I hope to get some quilting time in today, to make good use of my snow day! I hope you are able to do the same.

If you were one of the volunteers (or voluntolds) who held up quilts during January’s presentation, please find Thayne at the meeting this month. We want to put your name in for a little drawing of some goodies that Sherri left with us at the end of the night.

If you are still interested in the April quilt retreat, and you want to put a deposit down, please send a check to Karen Rhyneer. She will not be at the meeting this month, but you can mail your deposit to her. If you need her mailing information and cannot find a directory, please let me know and I will get it to you.

Now is the time to be working on those quilts that you will want to enter into the NTQF show in August. Registration will begin in April and close in June (exact dates have not yet been set). Dorene will be giving us all the details at the meeting, so get excited.

Finally, our next board meeting will be on Monday, February 28, for anyone who is interested. If you want to attend, please let me know and I will make sure you get the zoom link sent to you. We meet at 6:30pm.

Hoping that you all get to spend some quality time sewing this month.

I look forward to seeing you all at the meeting!



The board meetings are on the 1st Monday of the month via Zoom link starting at 6:30 pm. If you have something that needs to be brought to the board’s attention or would like a link to the meeting, please contact a board member. Board meetings are open to all, but only board members may vote.

Upcoming Program: History of Male Quilters

This month we will learn about The History of Male Quilters from Terry Mosher at our meeting on the 15th. This month's workshop is Terry's Millefiore English Paper Piecing class.

Next month, we plan to try a new way to have a speaker: she is Stephanie Hackney, the marketing director of Hobbs Batting, who will be coming to us by Zoom! She has done hundreds of these meetings with guilds all over the world, teaching all the things about batting that we never knew. Keep your fingers crossed that we can figure this out!!

And in April our own Dorene Agustyn will bring us a program sharing her art quilts and then the Saturday after the meeting we will have an opportunity to make one ourselves!! Perhaps you remember when Judy Faulkner showed her art quilt from Dorene 's class? It was beautiful!!

In June, we will have another of our fun "garage sales" so start going through your sewing space and see what you have to share with your quilty friends!!


Collecting and Displaying Mini-quilts:

I am always on the lookout for beautifully worked small quilts, especially of blocks and patterns that I am unlikely to ever make myself! I always hope that there will be one or two minis at the shows I visit, that have my name on them! And, I treasure minis made by friends whose work I admire.

Some of my collection hangs on the wall, but many of them are mounted on spring rods and hang on my bookshelves, in front of my fabric storage, and disguise the clutter on the TV cart.

Consider donating a mini for the auction, but as importantly, start saving some money to splurge on a special piece of quilt art! There’s a place in your house!

Jonquele Jones

Fort Worth, TX


Guild Members,
We are happy to report that we are gaining a few new members at each meeting. Invite your friends to attend a meeting as your guests. They will enjoy the program and may decide to join us as members.

Dues are as follows:
Younger than 65-$30
65 and older-$25
80 with 10 years of membership-free

Membership Co-Chairs,
Judi Janes and Carolyn Hughes



Secret Quilt Buddies has been put on Hold for now

HUGS quilts


Start a Bee

One of the most fun parts of belonging to a Guild is getting to know other quilters. But, there aren’t many opportunities to actually get to SEW and learn from one another, except in a bee. Most of the guild bees have been around for many years and don’t have openings for many newcomers. If you want to get know more of your fellow members, start a new bee!

General Guidelines

  • 7-9 members. Start with the people sitting near you at Guild or advertise in the bee section of the newsletter, or on the FB page.
  • A place to meet: dining room table, living room, playroom, apartment clubhouse, nearby church… You may want to rotate hosting among those with enough space.
  • Monthly meeting time for 1.5-4 hours. Some groups may also have periodic all-day project days or retreats.
  • Some groups organize around a common interest: appliqué, modern, art, charity projects, while some are based on proximity.
  • Start simply and see how the group’s dynamics play out through time. There are lots of activity ideas online f


FRAYED KNOTS BEE:The Frayed Knots held their regular December meeting: Cecilia Buckholz demonstrated some Scandinavian Star ornaments.


Ann Houpt gave everyone a cute Christmas mini quilt. Laurel Grannan is knitting a Christmas scarf on a loom. Jonquele Jones was binding a UFO. And Beverly Peterson showed off a number of fabulous family gifts she had made on her embroidery machine… silver & gold metallic thread reindeer, snowflakes, Christmas scenes, etc on black velvet! Lots of festive food and great chat.

Members also met to celebrate Jonquele’s birthday at Cheesecake Factory, and held several afternoon sit and sews.

Frayed Knots met virtually in January.

Jonquele Jones


TIGHT KNOTS BEE: Our January bee meeting was hosted by Grace Stroud. We talked a lot about dogs and pets in general. Somehow cars were next. We finally opened our meeting with Show and Tell. Judi Janes shared a quilt made from a kit bought from It was 84 paper pieced squares. She also brought a sports quilt she made for her grandson. Cherie Bigham had a t-shirt quilt she made for a client. She took the leftover materials and made a bag for the quilt and some placemats. She also made a shopping bag from a jacket. That girl is always making something out of leftovers that is fun. Grace Stroud showed us a Christmas tree wall quilt she made. Cecilia Villa had a tote bag and burp cloths to show off. Gillian Coleman missed last month's meeting so she brought us all Christmas ornaments she had embroidered. No one minds a Christmas gift delivered in January. Grace served Bundtinis (also a special treat.) Yum. We finished the meeting off with a quick game of RLC. Grace won all our gold fat quarters. How rude.

P. Ford


Bev Ramsey was a charter member of the guild, a past president, teacher, and friend. We lost her way too early. The fund was set up to help those in need to be able to enjoy the things she loved very much, retreats and workshops.


Quilts of Valor

If you have a quilt or a top for the quilts of valor program, please contact

Suzanne DiCarlo, Information and Help Desk Coordinator, QOVF

email is

phone 864-567-6823.

QOV will also have a booth at the Quilt Show.


NICU Quilts

Please consider making a couple of 36" square NICU quilts for JPS. It's a great chance to use up some stash, try a new pattern, etc. I will be collecting them at meetings. Their website, below, identifies other needs for sewn, knitted and crocheted donations.

JPS has also said they have a great need for fidget blankets and adult quilts. I'm using this opportunity to thin my herd a little bit.

I plan to make a delivery shortly after the February 15th meeting.


Minutes from January Meeting

President, Molly Risewick called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.

Marilyn Smith made a motion to accept the December minutes as published in the newsletter. Linda Witt seconded the motion and all were in favor.

The Treasurers report had not yet been sent out.

Old Business: none

New Business: The position of Secret Quilt Buddy chairman is open. Anyone interested in taking this position, or have questions about what it entails, please contact anyone on the Board.

Raffle Quilt

Cecilia Buckholz still has raffle tickets to pick up. Four more members turned in their ticket stubs and money.

Hugs Quilts

Mary Lou Nelson will revise the instructions for the nine patch blocks and have them available in February.


Beverly Peterson delivered 150 Lovies to the NICU last month. She has kits for Lovies and also 5” blocks of flannel fabric for anyone wanting to make baby blankets.


There are still spaces available to attend the Quilt Retreat in April.

FWQG Website

Dorene Agustyn talked about the website and how to find the 2022 Raffle Quilt photo and information. Just look for “Raffle Quilt” in the dropdown menu.


Thayne Rooney talked about upcoming programs and workshops. She had a signup sheet for those wanting to take the February workshop with Terry Mosher.


Thirty three members were in attendance, including the three on Zoom.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM.

Submitted by Cecilia Buckholz, Secretary

2020-2021 Board and Committees


President- Molly Risewick 817-721-0500

President Elect- Wanda Edmunds 682-560-9101
Vice President- Thayne Rooney 817-223-3982
Vice- President- Shelley Clauss 817-994-0195
Secretary- Cecelia Buckholz 817-480-7606
Treasurer- Karen Wiesman
Member at Large- Sue Hilgardner
Member at Large-Lynda McGee

Past President/Parliamentarian - Sarah Tutt 817 312 2960


Communications t

Door Prizes

Greeter Nancy Smith 817-996-6819

Hospitality Marilyn Smith 817-917-9294


NICU Julia Hedden 817.797.6109

HUGS Mary Lou Nelson

Lovies Beverly Peterson 817-346-0321

Membership Judi Janes 817-292-3948

Membership Carolyn Hughes 817-737-0997

Newsletter Julie Hedden 817-797-6109

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President's Quilt

Quilt Buddies Lori Darley 858-883-5674

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Quilt Show Rep

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Quilt Show t-shirts

Quilt Show Tickets

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Quilt Show Booth

Raffle Quilt

Raffle Quilt Tickets

Retreats Karen Rhyneer 817-597-0484

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