By Corbin


Have you ever wondered how big of a country Brazil is? Well, it’s the 5th largest country in the whole world. Brazil is 3.288 million miles long,and with that much land they must be doing something cool with it. Just wait till you read my story it’ll blow your mind like an explosive.

Why I want to go to Brazil.

I want to go to Brazil because it sounds so unbelievable. It is top on my list because it is in South America! Also I’m sure there’s a breathtaking lake there; I would love to learn their interesting language to. I really think it would be a beautiful place to go,and I hope that I can go to Brazil someday when I get elderly.


Now, I’m going to tell you about Brazil’s culture. It is usually 86 Fahrenheit in Brazil also families are usually monumental in Brazil; Rice, beans, and manioc are some of Brazil’s popular food.I hope you liked Brazil's culture.

interesting facts

These are some of my interesting facts. This is one of the facts in Brazil futeball is considered soccer. Another fact is there is a jungle in Brazil with many different animals that live there. Last, reason is Brazil’s flag was made in 1889. These are my interesting facts about Brazil I hope you liked my facts


Brazil sounds like a super cool place to go. I would get to be in South America,and maybe get to play futeball and it would be so nice outside when I’m playing. If I actually get there I will get to check it off my bucket list,and learn more about Brazil.